How to Watch Major League Baseball from Anywhere and Avoid Blackouts

The next Major League Baseball season has recently commenced and with 30 teams playing 162 games, that means plenty of regular season games to feast your eyes on. If you are a baseball fan or have some friends who are missing out on some action, keep on reading.

How to Watch Major League Baseball from Anywhere and Avoid Blackouts

The Boston Red Sox have had an incredibly slow start following last season’s World Series, leaving the American League wide open. The Dodgers have been early favorites to take a stacked National League and strong early season form has done nothing to disprove these early predictions.

However, while it is only the early stages of the season, the standings remain tight. It’s looking like it will be a highly competitive season so you must keep up.

With all the action to come, you would be crazy to miss out when there are so many ways to easily access the games even outside of the US.

How To Stream The 2023 MLB Season

In order to watch the MLB online, you are required to have a subscription to a streaming service with broadcasting rights.

The easiest way to stream MLB games is with an subscription. If you don’t have an subscription, you may still have access to coverage through another one of your streaming services.

Below is a list of different streaming services with access to broadcasting rights of channels that provide MLB coverage

Sling TV – ESPN, TBS, Fox

DirecTV – ESPN, TBS, Fox, MLB Network

Playstation Vue – ESPN, TBS, Fox, MLB Network

If you don’t have any of these streaming services don’t fret. Each of these services come with a 7-day free trial which allows you to enjoy full coverage plus replays for 21 days of the season so you can watch any blockbuster matches that may pique your interest.

How To Avoid Blackouts From

If you are using you may find that you want to watch your home team play but the game is blacked out. You are not allowed to view the game through this service. This is because the broadcasting rights to that specific game are with another channel, such as the ones in the list above, but only in your area.

This means that if you were in another part of the United States, you would be able to view the game through without issue.

In order to watch the game online, without traveling, you require a VPN. A VPN allows you to connect to servers from all over the world, or in this case just one state over, allowing you to appear as if you are located in the area of the server.

So, for example, if you are in Boston and the Red Sox are playing at home and you want to watch through you’ll find that unfortunately, one of the broadcasting networks has the rights to the game in your area so you are blacked out.

Easily remedied.

Use a VPN to connect to another server within the United States, now it appears you are in a different part of the country where the game isn’t being broadcasted on television.

For Overseas Users Of Baseball Streaming Services

The situation here is almost exactly the same. For those with subscriptions to the streaming services mentioned above, rights to access these services is likely restricted to within the United States, so if you are abroad it is very simple.

Connect to the internet through your VPN and access an American server. Then your streaming service will believe you are in America and you can enjoy all the MLB action.

Where To Find A VPN?

Simple. There are plenty of VPNs, however, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are my personal recommendations. They constantly update their list of servers and are quick and easy to use.

Be feel free to browse our expert and user reviews to find the perfect provider for you.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and will be enjoying the entire MLB season’s action. I bet the Dodgers will be victorious and claim this year’s World Series.