How to Watch HBO NOW in the UK

Home Box Office, or better known as HBO, is one of US finest entertainment networks. Originally, Netflix started off as a US-based, premium cable and satellite television. It’s one of the oldest operating paying television services, with more than four decades in the industry.

In April, the network launched their second streaming service called HBO Now, with the intention to compete with the largest names in the business, including Netflix.

How to Watch HBO NOW in the UK

The main difference between HBO’s two streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, is the way you purchase them. The first one comes with your HBO cable subscription and cannot be bought separately. On the other hand, HBO Now is a standalone service available for users even if they are not a cable subscriber.

If you want access to everything from the HBO Library, the best and most inexpensive way to do so is by signing up for the HBO Now streaming service. There is also a one-month free trial, enough for you to browse through their extensive catalogue and examine whether it’s worth the money.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t allow for the possibility to live-stream HBO channels. But it does, however, provide you with the latest episodes of your favourite TV programs within minutes of their release.

In conclusion, the best thing about HBO Now is that it’s an on-demand service, meaning that you can watch the content you want, wherever and whenever. The worst thing? HBO Now is Geo-restricted and accessible only within US borders. It means that if you want to access HBO’s finest Game of Thrones and Westworld series from the UK, or from anywhere else in the world, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do so. Unless you have an American IP address.

Access HBO NOW through a VPN

Virtual Private Networks transformed the way we use the Internet. These online tools are excellent for many purposes. One of them is enabling you to reach better entertainment content.

Usually, most decent streaming services are restricted to the USA. These limitations are due to licencing, copyright issues, and price variations from country to country, and HBO Now is no exception to the rule.

For people living or traveling abroad, not being able to access some of their favourite content can be frustrating. If you are currently residing in the UK, fortunately, there are ways for you to access the extensive movie library that HBO Now offers. All you need is a good Virtual Private Network.

If you are wondering whether this will indeed help you, it’s necessary to understand how VPNs work.

A VPN is a tool that, primarily, keeps you safe and protected over the Internet. Its second most valuable feature is unblocking content on the web, including Geo-restricted streaming platforms. And although doing this is not illegal, you need to be aware that it goes against the service policies.

Basically, when you are trying to connect to HBO Now from the UK, the IP address you are using will be recognized by their firewall, and then blocked. In the same way, BBC iPlayer is accessible only within the United Kingdom and blocks foreign IP addresses.

Most Geo-blocking techniques are IP based, therefore they can be easily defeated by any method that disguises your IP address and makes you appear as if you are accessing the content from another location.

VPNs use these methods, and they don’t just mask your real location. All of your traffic will remain encrypted as long as you are connected to one of their servers. These servers are strategically located all over the world. This allows VPN companies to have coverage of the whole world, thus accessing content that identifies no borders.

Other means of unlocking Geo-blocked content include using a Proxy server, or peer-to-peer networks. However, there is a downside to these two, because they don’t offer the security components of a VPN. Besides, many popular streaming platforms have strong firewalls that can recognize their techniques and leave you blocked. HBO is one of those platforms.

What to Look for in a VPN?

As mentioned earlier, unless you have a reliable VPN provider, chances are you are going to be left empty-handed. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and in this case HBO Now, have advanced blocking techniques.

This means that you need an even more advanced VPN, one that will provide you with the best streaming experience. Make sure you keep an eye on the following things: a considerable number of servers; high-security standards; speedy connections; free trial.

The last one is an excellent way to see whether the provider can really bypass these restrictions. If not, you can easily switch to another VPN without having to pay for their inadequate service. Moreover, the other options are a must when it comes to purchasing a VPN, especially when your main goal is to be able to stream videos.

After obtaining the VPN, the setup process is usually easy, even for beginners. All you have to do is create an account, download the software, install it, and log into your account. After choosing a server, in this case, located in the USA, you will be able to access HBO Now.