How to Use Google Chrome for Searches

Google has become the most popular search engine and website in the world, this isn’t without reason. Just when you think Google has mastered every niche they possibly can they come out with more features to save people time and answer their questions. Using Google during your busy day can save you time and answer all of your questions.

A traditional search engine is hard to navigate because you have to think of keywords that a website you are looking for might have. Google has simplified that for us and made it so that we can ask questions. If you ask a question of Google, it will display the most relevant answer at the top of your search results and display other relevant answers as search results.

How to Use Google Chrome for Searches

Not good at math? Google can help you solve math problems easily in much the same way it can answer questions. As development continues at Google, it is becoming more and more able to solve complex problems. The search features that Google provides have become so crucial to our lives that the word “Google” has been added as a verb to many big name dictionaries, including Meriam-Webster. The information that Google helps us find is information that used to be out of most people’s reach.

Google also runs one of the most popular email systems on the market. It offers both free and paid accounts making it easy for personal use to corporate or even educational use. The built-in spam filter eliminates junk mail from people’s inboxes and saves us incredible amounts of time.

Android is one of the two most popular mobile operating platforms around and guess who makes Android, Google. Google holds a stake in almost every high-tech market from internet searching to self-driving cars. With so many industry leading experts it isn’t a surprise that so many people turn to Google to find what they are looking for or for help with services.

Whether using an iOS device or an Android device you have probably used Google Maps to get around. Google has revolutionized how we navigate the world around us. Anyone can get directions anywhere at the click of a mouse. Google Maps has even taken over plotting bus routes for riders in many cities, simplifying the number of apps you need to have.

The benefits of Google are endless and they keep pouring out. By default, Google is your search engine when you download Google Chrome but for a variety of reasons, your google homepage could end up changed. If you want to ensure that you are using Google Chrome for all of your searches follow these steps:

1) Click or tap on the menu button in the top right corner of the browser.

2) Select the settings option.

3) Navigate to the section titled “Search” and click the button labeled “Manage Search Engines…”

4) Look through the list of default Search Engines for the blue icon with the white “g” inside. The title of this search engine is “Google” by default. The keyword, by default, is””.

5) Hover over the entry mentioned in step 4 and an option for “Make Default” will appear. If it does not appear Google is already your default search engine.

6) Enjoy searching!

Google is able to deliver all of the products and services customers want, and ones they don’t even know they want yet, because they know that customers aren’t static. Google isn’t static either. They are a non-traditional company, which is in fact made up of groups that are essentially sub-companies. This allows them to work on many projects at the same time. They also strategically buy out companies that they might be able to make money with in the future, such as when they bought out YouTube or NestLabs.

Google is continuing to strive to make our experience on the internet, and with technology, even better. New innovations and services are being released regularly. One of Google’s upcoming projects is a cellphone network that is designed to benefit the consumer. Who knows what will be coming up next.