How to Transfer Files to Android Over Wifi

Wifi is the best option available to share files between Android devices. Today we will talk about how to transfer files to Android over Wifi

Wifi is hassle free, easy to use and the transfer rate is good. Moreover using a data cable is cumbersome and I always tend to misplace my data cable! Another option is Bluetooth which is both outdated and painfully slow. There are a lot Android apps available that facilitate file transfer between Android devices. We will discuss about the ES File Explorer today.

How to Transfer Files to Android Over Wifi

How to transfer files to Android over Wifi?

ES File Explorer is a great app for android to android file transfer. This is actually an Android file manager but also has a lot of other features. One such feature is that you can share files between Android devices easily, be it music, movies, documents or anything for that matter. Let’s see how the file transfer between Android devices work.

1) Select the files that you want to share with another Android device.

2) Select the ‘More’ option then select the ‘share’ option.

3) Select the option ‘Send by LAN’

4) Now the device will search for any available hot-spot.

5) You need to create a hot-spot using the target device and then join it from the source device in this step. If you have not created the hot-spot on the target device, you can create one with the ‘Setup WLAN’ option on the source device.

6) Use ‘Create a hotspot network’ at this step.

7) Enter the Network SSID and the security key. At this point you need to search for this SSID you just created on the target device. You will be prompted for the security key. Once you enter the key, the connection will be established and you will be able to transfer files over Wifi. File transfer between Android devices was never so easy !

And that’s about it ! This way you can transfer files to Android over Wifi easily.  If you have any queries, do let us know in the comment section below.

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