How To Stop Google from Tracking Your Android Device

Anyone who uses a Google account or Android, which is the majority of people, is being tracked.

Google is among the worst offenders for tracking what people do online and off. They have eyes and ears on your device to track just about anything and everything. This includes videos you watch on YouTube, the places you have physically visited, your emails, what you search for online and what you buy online.

Thankfully there are two ways to make sure you are not spied on when using an Android device to connect to the internet. First, there are the long-winded measures you can take which we have explained below.

The second and much easier option is to sign up with a VPN provider and install their app on your device to remain incognito when using your phone online.

Stop Google From Tracking Your Every Move Online

The Google searches you have made along with other activity you have undertaken on your device and through Google are stored in your Google account. There is a way to stop Google from tracking your every move online allowing you to use your Android device more anonymously.

To block Google and stop their tracking follow the steps below:

  • Head to “” and sign in to your Google account
  • Select the 3 dots in the top of the right-hand corner
  • Choose “Activity controls”
  • Switch everything to the “off” position

There are various sliders to be turned off to stop Google from tracking you on your activity. Below are brief explanations of each setting so you can decide which you don’t mind keeping.

Web and App Activity – This is where information about any websites that you have visited or searches you have made is stored.

Location History – This keeps track of where you go out in the real world with your device, the places you visit.

Device Information – This is how Google spies on your contacts, the music you use, the apps you use, your calendar information and more.

Voice & Audio Activity – Any searches you have made or verbal commands to Google Now are saved here.

YouTube Search History – This is where Google stores the searches that you have made using YouTube.

YouTube Watch History – This is the place where Google keeps the history of any videos you have watched on YouTube.

Once you have stopped Google from tracking you by turning off all of the above they will not be able to store what you purchase, search for and watch online, along with other things.

Of course, Google already has information saved about you. Thankfully, there is a means of getting rid of that information too by deleting any activity, including searchers already made.

Deleting Activity And Searches

In order to delete additional activity and searches already made you should follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to “”
  • Select the 3 dots in the top of the right-hand corner
  • Select “Delete activity by”
  • Select on the drop-down menu where it says “Today” and then choose “All Time”
  • Hit the “Delete” twice.

Deleting Your Location History

When you have deleted all the data from all activities, you can then proceed to the next step, deleting the location history.

This is the record Google has of all the places you have visited. To delete this follow the above steps to get to “Manage activity” and when you click on this you should see your Google timeline along with a map. Follow these steps to delete the location history.

  • Go to “”
  • Select the 3 dots in the top of the right-hand corner
  • Select “Other Google activity”
  • Find “Location History” and select “View Timeline”
  • Select the trashcan to “Delete All Location History”
  • Then confirm you want to delete everything.

Take Control Over Ad Data

The final step is to take back control over the ad data shown. Google offers you the option of receiving ads based on your tastes. However, what this means is that they will need to spy on you to see what your tastes are.

To stop receiving ads tailored to you follow these steps.

  • Go to “”
  • Select the 3 dots in the top of the right-hand corner
  • Select “Other Google activity”
  • Find “Google Ads Settings” and select “Manage Ad Settings”
  • Switch “Ad Personalization” to off

How Websites Spy You

You now know that Google spies on whatever you do on your Android device but websites you visit can spy on you too.

The answer to how they do this is similar to how they track people on their computers, by installing a cookie. Websites that you visit store cookies on your device. By doing so, the host computer or web server can access the cookies to gain more information about you.

The host can then offer up web pages or ads tailored to the user based on what they have searched for in the past or bought online in the past. On the bad side is the fact that they can track your activities.

The tracking cookie is the worst offender for privacy. This type of cookie is accessed and shared between websites that are unrelated, solely with the purpose of collecting information on you. The tracking cookie collects information about what you do online, what you search for, how you use email, and shop, and then reports back to the organization behind the cookie.

Clear The Cookies And Cache From An Android Phone

Now that you have learned how Google can track you by installing cookies on your Android device, we can tell you how to get rid of cookies. The following steps are related to the default web browser on an Android device but should be similar if you have installed a third-party browser.

  • Open up your web browser on your device and hit the “Menu” button
  • Go to “Settings” then “Privacy” under Advanced
  • Select “Clear browsing data”
  • Select everything
  • Choose “Clear Data”

Go Under The Radar With A VPN

As you can see, it’s a lot of work to keep Google from tracking your Android Device. There is another easier way to stop Google and everyone else, from spying on you when you are using your Android device, that’s using a VPN.

virtual private network (VPN) prevents the data your device puts online from being spied on including your true IP address and the activities you do. VPNs create a secure encrypted connection between your device and the servers you access to the internet. This hides your activity among all the activity leaving the server.

Almost all VPN providers offer apps for Android devices that enable you to remain safe and secure when browsing, shopping or undertaking online banking from your Android device.