How to Start a Sports Blog?

Is your favorite part of the day talking about sports? Do you relish the opportunity to share your opinion with everyone who will listen? If so, starting a sports blog sounds like the perfect option for you. You can meet many people who share your interests, and possibly make some money on the side too. If you ever wondered how to start a sports blog, then this handy guide will help you out.

Choosing A Niche

You can break down sports into a seemingly endless amount of categories. If you try to blog about absolutely everything in the world of sports, you will lose focus quickly. You have to narrow down that one aspect of sports that you desire to talk about most. You can start by picking your favorite sport to play or watch.

From there, you may want to narrow it down even further. For instance, Baseball strategies would be better than simply writing about baseball. Be sure the topic is something you will never get sick and tired of. You may need to write plenty of articles before you gain much traction in the industry.

Creating Your Sports Blog

You need to bring your blog to life by setting up a website. Getting your own domain is much better than going with a free tool like Blogger. Sites that use free tools are littered with ads and watermarks. Setting up your own site is the best way to look professional. The first impression you make on a potential reader has to be excellent. If the new reader is put off by anything, they will close out of your page and never look back.

Writing Timely Content

Writing a sports blog has one key difference between most other topics. You have to stay consistently on top of the news to create a successful sports blog. Readers will be searching for the most up to date info around. Hardly anyone ever searches for old sports stories.

This is in stark contrast to blogs with evergreen content that gets viewed years down the line. You have to write quickly without losing too much quality. They don’t need to be perfect, but they do need to avoid any major errors.


Now that you know how to start a sports blog it’s time to grow your audience using social media. Create as many accounts with your brand as possible. Start reporting on stories on each platform and link your blog entry in each post. The most engaged readers will then start transferring from the social media platform to your actual blog.

Making Money with Your Sports Blog

A sizeable following of engaged readers will help you monetize your content. You can sell merch like T-shirts in order to raise brand awareness. You can use affiliate marketing to get paid commissions on different products. With enough followers, you can reach out to brands and do paid promotions with them.

Some might even reach out to you if you turn the right head. Lastly, consider making a member’s only section of your website. You can charge a monthly subscription to see exclusive content in the member’s only area. If you work at it consistently, you may even turn your sports blog into a full-time career.