How to Start a Music Blog?

Blogging is very popular right now, and music blogs across the Internet receive millions of visits each week. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start a music blog, here are some tips that will get you up and running.

Choose Your Blogging Platform

Before you start a blog of any kind you need to decide what platform you will use. Those who are familiar with HTML and website construction might want to code their own site. For the rest of us there is WordPress.

WordPress is the world’s largest blogging platform. It is simple to use and manage. A few quick tutorials will have you designing your music blog like a pro. You can set up hosting for a domain name that you have chosen, or you can create an account with WordPress for free and begin setting up your music blog.

Select a Music Genre for Your Music Blog

The goal of starting a music blog should be to gain readers, right? You will have a far better chance of doing that if you narrow down your music blog to a specific genre. Begin by asking yourself what type of music you prefer.

Trying to cover all styles of music will spread you too thin. It will also make it more difficult to rank your blog in Google and other search engines. People won’t read your blog if they aren’t able to easily find it.

Start Blogging Regularly

Once you have set up your blog and chosen a genre, it is time to start blogging. The key to a successful blog is posting on a regular basis. You don’t have to write every day, but you should be delivering new content three or four times a week.

Create categories for your music blog and spread out the content. A music blog could have these categories:

  • Music news
  • Concert reviews
  • Album reviews
  • Artist profiles

The more variety you have, the better your music blog will be.

Start Promoting Your Music Blog with Social Media

The basics of how to start a music blog must involve promotion. You have to let people know that you have a blog. The best way to do this is with social media.

You should create Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for your blog. Share all of your posts to your social media accounts. As those accounts grow you will begin to get more traffic.

At some point you may be lucky enough to write a blog post that goes viral. Your friends on Facebook can share your blog posts and attract new followers. Social media is a powerful influencer in today’s world. Don’t ignore it. These simple tips will help you start a music blog in no time. There is nothing more fun than blogging about your personal interests.