How to Start a Craft Blog?

Creating a craft blog will allow you to express your self, share your ideas and possibly earn some earn some money from your blog. If you’re wondering how to start a craft blog; the process of creating a blog is simple and only requires a minimal investment.

You Need a Domain Name to Start a Craft Blog

You can buy a domain name for about $10 a year, Either you can purchase one first or wait to you choose a hosting platform and buy it from them. Choose a name which will be easy for people to remember and spell. Ideally, it should be the name of your blog, but it isn’t necessary. Don’t limit yourself with your domain name, it’s difficult to change to change later on if you decide to expand your beyond your original idea.

Hosting Platform

You’ll need somewhere to host your craft blog. Shared hosting is inexpensive, about $5 a month, and fine for when you’re just starting out. If you outgrow shared hosting, you can always upgrade. Most hosts offer one-click installation of blogging platforms. WordPress is the easiest to use and has the most features.

Designing Your Craft Blog

Choose one of the hundreds of free WordPress themes which you like. Themes are template with colors and design elements. A plain, but still artsy, template is good for a craft blog because anything too busy will distract from your images, which should be the focus of your blog.

Start Posting

Choose a few categories, such as scrapbooking or wreaths, for your navigation menu and begin creating posts. You can always add more categories as needed. Learn how to take great photographs; there are tutorials online on how to set up a white box with craft foam for professional images which will delight your visitors. Aim for at least two or three new posts a week to keep returning visitors interested.

Promote Your Blog

If you use WordPress, install an SEO plugin. This will help you rank better in search engines and attract more visitors. Open a Pinterest account and post your pictures with a link back to your website. Tag all your images with ALT text, which is easy to do in WordPress, so they will show up in Google image searches.

Monetize Your Website

After you learn how to start a craft blog, next step is to monetize. While it’s not essential you monetize your new blog, it can help you earn extra money while doing something you love. You must wait until you have several months worth of posts under your belt and a steady stream of visitors.

You can join affiliate programs from craft supply companies or Amazon’s affiliate program. You will earn a commission each time a visitor follows your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase. You must disclose you earn a commission from your visitor’s purchases on your website.

Above all, have fun. While you cannot allow spam comments, encourage genuine comments and engage with your readers. You may meet some new friends and get new ideas for posts.