How to Save Money Shopping for Tech Product

Technology is getting ever-more expensive these days, but if you cut some corners, you’ll find out that you can save a fortune without compromising on quality. Here are some ideas for you to make big savings on your tech product purchases:

Shop Online

You’re more likely to get a great deal on a technology product when you shop online rather than in store. Save yourself money by surfing the web. Very often you will get better deals online as there is more competition. You can easily compare the price of the products to find the best deals.

How to Save Money Shopping for Tech Product

Shipping Costs

Do you really need fast shipping? Save money and get it shipped for free – you’ll only have to wait a week. Utilize websites that offer free shipping, as it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Forget Extended Warranties

Every time you buy a gadget, you find that there’s always pressure to buy insurance or an extended warranty. These products don’t just make your purchase a lot more expensive, but also they’re probably not worth it unless you’re particularly accident-prone. Save by turning down the offer and setting some cash aside to pay for any essential repairs yourself, or check your credit card rewards to see if you’re entitled to an extended warranty just for using your plastic card to make your purchase.

Do You Really Need a Contract?

You might think you’re getting a great deal on a phone or tablet contract, but in the long run, you’re probably shelling out a lot more than you need to cover the 2 year period. A prepaid plan might be a better choice and could save you hundreds.

Cost Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Just because a product costs a lot doesn’t mean its quality is any better – you could simply be forking out more for a brand name. Do plenty of research and make sure you’re really getting good value before you buy – a lot of generic products are just as good as branded items and cost a fraction of the amount.

Find a Discount

There are all kinds of ways to cut down your bill if you do your research. Search for coupons for your chosen store online or see if you can get a work-related or student discount. Websites like allow users to search for coupons based on their favorite brands. It’s a good habit to always do a quick search for a discount coupon before you buy any product online.

Refurbished and Second-Hand

If you need a new phone, laptop or gadget, think about going for a refurbished item instead. While they are just as good as a new product, having been inspected and tested thoroughly, they won’t be anywhere near as expensive.

Buy at the Right Time

Technology prices go up and down all year-long, and at certain times the prices are lower than ever. Use a price tracking tool to ensure you’re getting the best possible price – patience will save you a fortune.

Sell On Your Old Technology

If you’ve taken good care of your phone or other gadget, you can make money back when you decide to upgrade and that’ll save you money on your purchase.

Check Spec’s and Features

You don’t always need to buy a premium product to get the same features cheaper on a lower cost version. Root your phone, upgrade your features and overclock your processor to turn your cheap gadget into one that has all the bang of an expensive one.

Do Product Research

Do plenty of research before you make a purchase and check out that you’re getting the best value possible. Choosing a product that actually meets your needs can save you money – do you really need all those extra features?

Do You Need To Upgrade?

We seem to be stuck in an upgrade mentality at the moment – fair enough if your old gadget breaks down, you might need to get a new one, however there’s no need to upgrade to a new gadget if your old one still works fine. Save the money and make the most of your current gadget.

There are plenty of ways to save yourself money when buying new technology, so put in the time and effort and you might be able to buy twice as many gadgets!