How to Remove Virus from Android Smartphone without Factory Reset

Android smartphone works smoothly until it is free from viruses. Nowadays average smartphone easily gets infected by malware. Factory reset is the last option to get your smartphone free from viruses. But your data should be deleted in a factory reset. All the media files, text messages, installed apps and others will be removed. Thus there are some other options which you can try to remove malware. Hence in this article, we will discuss how to remove malware from Android smartphones without factory reset.

How to Remove Virus from Android Smartphone without Factory Reset

Play Store plays a vital role in protecting your phone from the virus. However, it also has some unwanted and bloated apps which aren’t useful to anyone. But some other trusted applications will protect your phone from a virus. These trusted applications are listed below, just install them and share your experience in the comment section.

•    Bitdefender Antivirus

It is the most famous virus removal application, just because of its light size. Basically, it scans all of your data and removes all viruses in one click. Because of its low size, it doesn’t bog down your system and work very well. This application is available on Play Store for free. Still, there are some ads that can be seen on this app, but you can ignore them. Lastly, this is the best app for Android if your phone is infected by malware.

•    Malwarebytes

The Malwarebytes is software that provides security to your desktop. After getting successful it also provides an application for Android users. In the free version, it scans your phone and removes threats from your smartphone. It comes up with an audit feature that allows you to track what you want to access. Although it doesn’t have any ad which is the benefit of this app. You can use the Premium version only at 12$ for a year. The premium version doesn’t give any special features thus the free version is best in this case.

Avoid Antivirus Apps:

There are many antivirus apps available on the Play Store but many of them are useless. Other than the above two applications all are garbage and don’t work well. Famous companies like Avira, Norton, Avast, etc. offer an application that sucks your phone’s battery and slows down your phone. Although there are many features available on your phone. In Google Chrome it automatically detects the dangerous website and blocked them very easily. It also stops the unwanted pop-up ads and you can also manage the app permission too.

Remove Virus on Your Own :-

Apart from these methods, you can also remove the virus on your own. A safe mode is an option that you probably get in Windows and in Android too. It basically loads the OS system without involving the third-party app and can disable them easily. This means that if any app was creating an issue, it will find out and you can fix them easily.

After removing all the malware applications it will remove the entire virus from your phone. But if this still not working then you have to go Factory reset at the end.