How To Promote Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

Do you want to become a successful blogger?

Me too!

However, becoming a successful blogger is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The hard work is not only limited to writing great content. It also involves marketing your content, popularly called as content marketing or in simple words  you should know how to promote your blog and increase blog traffic

You might have heard these phrases a million times – Content is king and SEO is queen. But what will a king and queen do alone without a kingdom? More precisely, the people in the kingdom?

Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

Smart question, right?

The kingdom and the people will only come to the king’s and queen’s service when you know how to promote your website in order to attract more readers, content marketing in other words.

Smart answer!

Needless to say, promoting your blog and increasing blog traffic goes hand in hand. Before starting the discussion on blog promotion, let me ask you a few questions.

1) Do you write quality content?

2) Is the content of any value to your target audience?

3) Is the target audience aware about the first 2 points?

If your answer for all three questions is a yes, then you are already good at what you do. May be I need to learn a few things from you. Drop a comment right now so that I can get in touch with you 🙂

Most of you may answer the first two questions in affirmation, however answer to the third question will be a No. I think this pretty much explains why you need to know the ways to promote your business online

Makes sense?

I am here to help you guys with a few tips and strategies that you can use to promote your blog. The best part is that I am giving you these suggestions based on my personal experience. Trust me, I have been through this phase when I did not get decent number of readers on my blog. It was very demoralizing not to see anyone reading my content even though I wrote only to help out people. I don’t want and will never want my fellow bloggers to experience this situation.

How to promote your blog?

 1) Self Promotion is the best promotion

Don’t get distracted by the headline. When I talk about self promotion, I don’t imply that you should start promoting your blog like crazy in forums and social media. Yes, a healthy self promotion never hurts but what I am talking here is the technique to promote your blog post through your post content. Think about this – you write a great post, give it a killer title and make sure that the keywords are present at the right places – not too less and not over the top. You also make sure that you use keyword synonyms aptly. When you do all this, you will get a lot of organic traffic. That’s what people crave for, isn’t it ? And that is what I mean by self promotion. Trust me, it’s not very difficult and you can definitely try this in order to increase traffic to your blog.

2) Promote authority bloggers in your niche

Don’t be surprised. Promoting authority bloggers in your niche is a great way to increase blog traffic

If you want something, you need to give something in return. Promoting authority bloggers will not only help you in getting familiar with them but they will also come to know about you and your quality work. This enables you to interact with them, open opportunities for collaboration and expand reach to your target audience.

3) Comment to add value, not merely for backlinks

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to either get a nofollow or dofollow backlink, but commenting only for the sake of backlinks is unethical. Just think how would you feel when someone hunting for a backlink comments a one-liner on your blog ? Not that great, right?

Always comment to add value. Think of it this way – your comments should be treated like a mini guest post. When people read your awesome comment, they will want to visit your blog. Even if there are hundreds of comments, your comment should stand out. This way you are not only engaged in a healthy discussion with the reader’s but you are establishing yourself as a no-nonsense blogger. People will love to interact with you and this will definitely help you to publicize your blog and attract more readers.

4) Interact with fellow bloggers on forums

Another way to promote your blog in order to get more readers is through blogging forums. Again, remember that you are here to build relationship and reader base but to not to advertise your website or blog everywhere. Engage in blogging discussions, reply to fellow blogger’s post, help out people with tips and suggestions. When you start doing this, you will notice that people start recognizing you and will want to engage in a conversation with you. This is how you can leverage blogging forums not only to promote your blog but to engage in constructive discussions with the blogging community.

5) Keep writing awesome content

Yes, never stop writing. Even if you don’t publish your content daily, write for at least a couple of hours. You will become a better blogger with time and will learn a lot of blogging skills along the way. Keep writing engaging content for your readers. You can even start a discussion to know what your reader’s would like to read. Write for the reader’s and the blogging community and not merely for making money. Only then you will find happiness – True Story 🙂

I did put in a lot of effort in writing this article so that you guys get a fair idea on how topromote your blog and increase blog traffic

I will be waiting for you feedback on this post. Do let me know your views in the comment section below.

And remember – comment to add value 🙂