How to Live Stream the La Vuelta a España?

La Vuelta a España is one of the largest cycling attractions in Europe. This three-week Grand Tour has already begun, so unless you want to miss the rest of it, learn how to stream this race from anywhere in the world.

If you want to get your front-row seat on the action, but at the same time enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home, the best resolution is to find a broadcaster and just tune in.

The Grand Tour of the 2018 cycling season began on August 25, and will end in the middle of September. Until then, world-famous cyclists will compete over the 21-stage race, with a length of 3,271.4 km (2,033 mi) in total.

This is the 73rd edition of the Spanish La Vuelta a España. Starting from Malaga, the riders will face a real challenge, including 7 mountain stages waiting to be overcome. The race ends on September 16, in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

For lovers of this sport, who are residing outside of Spain, the best way to catch the action happening on the grand tour would be through live streaming. However, you need to know which broadcaster will live stream the La Vuelta a España and how to access it from where you live.

How to Live Stream the La Vuelta a España

How to Watch La Vuelta a España from Anywhere in the World?

If you live in a country where the event is not being broadcasted, and you don’t have access to the sporting channels that live stream the race, your only option is to try with a Virtual Private Network.

The VPN will mask your IP address, and when you try to access one of the online streaming platforms that broadcast La Vuelta a España, it will no longer be Geo-restricted. Unblocking content is one of the advantages of owning a VPN.

The other one is keeping you protected and completely secure over the Internet. The combination of these two properties is what made the concept behind Virtual Private Networks become easily adopted by people all over the world.

The greatest thing about them is the fact that you can find a VPN that will perfectly fit your every need. There are many competitors on the VPN market.

Based on your preferences, you can find providers that emphasize security, or VPNs that focus on the number of servers and speed. Some are cheap, others are very expensive. You can even find free providers, but be careful with these, as they are not very trustworthy or reliable.

In this case, in order to catch up with the Spanish Vuelta, you will need a VPN provider that is good for streaming. This means that it needs to have speedy servers in countries that are broadcasting this event, and an overall good performance. This immediately eliminates the free providers. However, it does leave you with some cheaper ones that offer great features.

After purchasing a VPN provider, the next thing you need to do is connect to one of its servers in a country that broadcasts La Vuelta a España in real time. For example the USA or the UK.

Watch the Grand Tour Of The 2018 Cycling Season From The USA

In the USA, the event is being covered by NBC Sports. For this pleasure, you will have to pay a certain price and get the subscription. If you have cable TV that has this channel, for example, Tube TV, you will also be able to stream this race from the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, another network where you can follow the Grand Tour is Universal Sports Network.

The only problem with this is that all of these options are Geo-restricted, which means that they are only available in the USA.

If you are currently traveling abroad, but you are already subscribed to some of these channels, an excellent solution would be to own a VPN.

This will not only allow you to stream the race in your own language, but it will also provide you with access to every other Geo-blocked US content. VPNs are an excellent traveling companion for people who are addicted to sports, movies, TV series, and entertainment content overall.

Watch La Vuelta a España from the UK

In the UK the best broadcaster when it comes to sports is Eurosport. That means that if you are living or currently residing somewhere within the United Kingdom, Eurosport 1 (the main channel of Eurosport) would be one of your best options for following the cycling races. The channel is available on the basic Sky TV subscription, or with Eurosport Player.

The channel is also available in other countries across Europe, such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, etc.

Another option for UK residents is ITV 4, a free UK TV station available only within this country.

The same rule applies here. If you want to enjoy the race, subscribing to a VPN provider and then accessing one of these streaming services will be the best solution for a care-free experience. You won’t miss a single race and you will stay up to date throughout the whole tournament.

Bottom line, finding a suitable provider might be a difficult task for first-time users. But once you do find one that fits your needs and preferences, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a much better online experience. With the right VPN, you will be able to stream thousands of hours’ worth of content, without having to fear for your online privacy.

Streaming your favorite tournament from anywhere in the world can be a piece of cake with the right provider. If you want to contribute to the list of streaming providers or tell us your experience with a VPN that’s good for streaming, feel free to comment below!