How to Get the Best Deal for your Mobile

We don’t have any shortage of mobile phones today and everyone uses it. Nor do we have a shortage of mobile phone plans. From a small budget to a big one, from local calls to international and from messaging to internet packs, we can select from thousands of mobile phone deals from various service providers. When we have multiple options to choose from, why not choose the best among the lot? Today, we will be discussing on how to get the best deal for your mobile

How to Get the Best Deal for your Mobile

Tips to get the best mobile phone deals

1. Get to know your usage

This is one of the most essential things to look into if you are planning to get the best mobile deal. Make a list of the things that you require and the ones that you don’t. To begin with, find out how many calls and text messages you send every month. You can take a look at your previous month’s bill or call your operator to get this information. Do you use the internet? Are the people you talk to very frequently using the same network? These are a few question you need to ask yourself and make a note.

2. Call up your existing service provider

If you have been using the same carrier for a while, you might get a new better deal with the same provider. Just call them and inquire. At times companies also offer short-term bonus deals that include multiple add-ons. Do check those out. Before zeroing in on a plan, always check out the total cost involved along with the length of contract. Also, get to know if you have to shell out extra cash if you decide to terminate the contract early.

3. Which deal should you choose?

Pay as you go

This is like a prepaid service. You have to pay for a recharge card or voucher and use it before you can make calls or send text messages. This is ideal for people who don’t talk much on the phone and do not want to get into a contract. But the call rates are usually higher in such plans and you need to already own a cell phone.

SIM only deals

With SIM only deals, the service provider will give you a SIM card which you can use with an existing phone. This is ideal if you already own a phone and don’t want to incur the additional costs that come along with the contract deal. The tariffs are also pretty reasonable.


This is the best deal if you are looking for a new handset along with a carrier. Contract plans generally offer you a package consisting of a cell phone and bundled deals. Usually, you get the phone free or subsidized along with talk time and text messages each month. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of plans and you need to pay the bills once in a month.The contracts are, however lengthy if you are going for an expensive phone.

These were a few tips on how you can get the best deals for your mobile. If you have anything to add to this, do let us know in the comment section below.