How to Find a Lost Android Phone

Is your beloved Android phone lost or stolen ? Don’t worry as today we are going to tell you how to find a lost Android Phone

Ever heard of Android Device Manager ? If not, then you have come to the right place. Not many people are aware of  the wonders that this cool feature brings to your Android device. If you have opened the Google Settings on your Android device, you might have noticed the Android Device Manager sitting quietly between the other options. And the best thing about this tool is that it can be of immense help to locate a lost Android phone. So before venturing out on tracking your lost Android phone, let us quickly find out about the Android Device Manager.

How to Find a Lost Android Phone

What is Android Device Manager ?

Android Device Manager is a feature offered in the Android operating system that helps in tracking down your Android phone. This is very useful in case you have lost your phone if it has been stolen. This feature is offered both as an Android app and a web access. So, If you have lost your phone, you can log in to the Android Device Manager from your web browser and try to locate your lost Android phone.

How do I use the Android Device Manager to locate my Android phone ?

In order to use the Android Device Manager to track lost Android phone, you need to do a couple of things.

1) You should enabled this feature on your Android device.

2) You must associate the device with your Google account.

To enable the Android Device Manager, open up the Google Settings on your device and enable the features, ‘Remotely locate this device’ and ‘Allow remote lock and erase’

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to locate a lost Android phone using the Android Device Manager from your web browser. Also, you can lock the device with a password or choose to erase all the data if you believe that you are not going to get the phone back.

How to find a lost Android phone ?

Lets say you lost your Android phone. You can hope that a good human being might have found it somewhere and would return it to you. But in most of the cases you may never get it back. With Android Device Manager, you have the power to find your device. So, what you need to do is to navigate to the Android Device Manager and login with your Google account. Once you are logged in, you will find the below message.

Since your phone is lost, you will most certainly click on Accept which will open up the map with the location of your Android phone, provided your Android phone is still up and running. If your phone is located, you will be able to see the approximate location of the device on the map.

You also have three other options presented to you. You can choose to send a ring to your Android phone. The phone will ring for 5 minutes and can be useful if you have misplaced it. This wont help you much if you have lost your phone. When you chose to ring the device, you will get a message asking for a confirmation.

Now, what makes the Android Device Manager really useful are the features that allow you to lock your device and erase all the data. If you select the Lock feature, You will get a pop up where you can set up a password to lock the phone. You also have the option to type a message and provide a contact number. This message will pop up on the phone along with the number when you go ahead with the lock feature. Remember, the ‘Allow remote lock and erase‘ feature must be enabled in the Google Settings for this.

After you have locked your Android device, there are only two actions that are allowed. Either you can enter the password to unlock or call on the number that was provided at the time of locking the phone. This way you not only ensure that the phone is safe from any misuse but you also provide the opportunity for a call back. You can customize the message so that it appeals to the individual who is in possession of the phone to return it back.

The last option is to erase all the data. If you are sure that you are not going to find your android phone, you can go ahead with this option. This feature will perform a factory reset and all the user data will be wiped off the device.

Android Device Manager will not work if your device is switched off or if there is no data or WiFi connectivity. Also, the location needs to be turned on.

You can certainly benefit from the Android Device Manager to locate your lost Android phone and may also be successful in getting it back. This is a really great feature and now you know how to track an Android phone. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Android Device Manager in the comment section below.