How to Convert BMP to JPG for Free

Would you like to convert an image in BMP format to JPG/JPEG format? There are a lot of ways to do this and today I am going to explain you the easiest method.

But why would you want to convert a BMP image to a JPG one? BMP or Bitmap is a pretty old format which is very rarely used now-a-days. If you are a big fan of Windows XP, you may recall that Paint used BMP as the default file format. BMP is a lossless format but the downside is that you cannot compress it. As a result, the file size is usually huge. A small little BMP image with only a few colours can be very large in size, up to hundreds of kilobytes. The same image will be a mere 3 to 4 KB in a JPG or a JPEG format.

How to Convert BMP to JPG for Free

JPG has high-compression, however it is not lossless. That means there will be a loss in image quality each time you compress it. That’s the reason JPG is preferred for rich, detailed photographs and not for simple drawings or logos, where GIF format is used.

Since both BMP and JPG support up to 16 million colours, all the images that you convert from BMP to JPG will almost be the same.

Let’s discuss more on converting BMP to JPG. We will be talking about two ways to do this:

1) Using Microsoft Paint

2) Online Conversion

Convert BMP to JPG using Microsoft Paint

This is the easiest method that can be used for the conversion of BMP to JPG and it is absolutely free!

You just need to open the BMP image that you want to convert using Paint, click on File > Save as and select JPEG picture

Now, you can specify the File name and select JPEG in the Save as type drop down.

And that is all it takes to convert a BMP image to a JPEG using Paint.

Convert BMP to JPG online

If you do not have Paint installed on your computer, you can always use the free online conversion tools. Online-convert is a website where you can convert images to different formats. You have three options to choose your source image here. You can upload it, enter a URL of the image or even select the file directly from Dropbox.

You can also change the image quality settings, tweak the image size or enhance it. Once you have specified the settings as per your preference, click on the Convert file button which will convert your BMP image to JPG format. After the image is converted, the download will start automatically.

These were a couple of easy and free ways to change the image from BMP to a JPG format. Let me know how this works out for you.