How Salesforce Apps for CRM Will Make Your Business More Productive

Having organized information on hand for your business’s employees is the first step in creating productivity.  Let Salesforce Apps do the heavy lifting for you.

An excellent method of growing your business is to increase productivity.  For many small businesses the best way to increase productivity is to concentrate on your employees.  Your employees should spend less time with paperwork or searching for information and more time concentrating on customers and prospects. Your company may have already invested in business software to help with this process but are now ready for the next level with CRM software from Salesforce.  The beauty of Salesforce software is that its apps are able to integrate your existing software into its systems so you don’t waste resources.

Salesforce Apps for CRM

There are 5 main ways that Salesforce software will make your business more productive:

1. Salesforce CRM is fully customizable to fit into your business flow

If the applications are not easy to use, then your employees will not take advantage.  Thankfully, these apps are very user-friendly and customizable.  It is easy to customize how the apps look and function so they can be customized for your business and take the confusion out of the equation.  Don’t change your business; change your software.

2. Keep information centralized

Many growing businesses that haven’t made the leap to inclusive CRM waste a lot of time and resources tracking down information.  This is because the information that doesn’t have a central storage area gets recorded in emails, spreadsheets, notebooks, sticky notes and documents.  Sometimes the information just gets lost all together.  Salesforce apps become your business’s central brain, storing all the information so that employees know where to look for it and can access it from any smart device or computer.  Employees now also have access to each other’s information, creating teamwork like never before.

3. Stay connected, stay up to date

There is an app called Chatter included in Salesforce CRM that makes working as a team a simple task.  It works similar to Facebook with live updates and notifications but does much more than just people.  Users can follow or make groups relating to documents, customers, industry and more.  An example is being able to get a notification when a price list is updated, or when a customer needs a resupply.

4. Application Integration

Use one app to control them all.  Salesforce CRM integrates with your business’s existing email client, Google Apps and any other app that runs on your business mainframe like accounting or tax software.  No need to constantly switch applications because Salesforce can control them all.

5. Information on the go

Salesforce CRM can be accessed on all smartphones or tablet devices, meaning that your workforce has access to company or customer information around the clock, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Salesforce CRM also has many third-party developers that offer powerful apps that add to the game-changing data management capabilities.  One such company is CRM Fusion, which has designed products called Powergrid, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport and ParentFixer to increase the capabilities of your business.