How a Multi-Line VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

Having multiple lines in a company telephone makes sense. Customers today are very demanding. You can start a day quietly and find yourself with a barrage of phone calls from angry customers, customers who want an exchange or a refund, customers asking questions, etc.

Receptionists need a multi-line system because they are on the phone all day, answering calls and directing these calls to the various departments, personnel and extensions in your company. Their VoIP phone must be able to support multiple line appearances. It should also have an expandable attendant console.

How a Multi-Line VoIP Can Benefit Your Business

Having multiple lines on a traditional system is expensive but VoIP is a different story. Here are a few more benefits to having multiple lines in your business telephone system.

Cost Savings, Easy to Add and Flexible

You can easily add new lines to your phone system. There is no hardware required. You don’t need to maintain anything in your office. All your lines will be updated with the latest features and use the latest software. You can do this without any problems to you or your business. You simply call your provider and they will arrange it. You can have the extra lines in minutes.

VoIP is flexible. You can add or reduce lines as needed. Additional lines are also more affordable.

Better Bottom Line

There are many VoIP providers now that offer low cost multi-line telephone systems. This is probably the number one reason most businesses choose to use VoIP. They only need to pay one flat fee per user. Savings are around 50 to 85 percent over a standard or traditional phone system. For businesses big and small, that’s a lot of savings. If it’s something that can improve their bottom line, they go for it.

Growth and Expansion

Some providers don’t give an annual contract hosted service. This means that a client just subscribes to their service. They don’t pay an installation fee. They don’t even need to buy or lease any equipment except, of course, for the desk sets and handsets. Find a company that understands your small business and is willing to help you grow. Find one that thrives on the success of their clients.

You are the one in charge

Again, new lines can easily be added to your communication system. You don’t need to maintain any complicated and expensive hardware. Everything is in your provider’s end. If you experience a problem, they will be able to fix it immediately.

Your system is entirely customizable. You will use a user-friendly web interface that will give you total control over your multi-line system and account.

You can change features as you require. Change voicemail greetings regularly. Set phone menus according to users. You can also have virtual receptionists.

Most systems are very user-friendly. You don’t need a technical background or training to operate them. If you still need help, you can easily contact your supplier. Find a company that has a good track record when it comes to customer support and who will be happy to assist you with any changes that you require.