Hotspot Shield Is Funding The Fight To Restore Net Neutrality

VPN provider Hotspot Shield is teaming up with Fight for the Future to help overturn the policies of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and restore net neutrality regulation in the US.

Hotspot Shield Is Funding The Fight To Restore Net Neutrality

Internet Service Providers Intentionally Slow Down Traffic

Contrary to what ISPs have been claiming, nearly every US provider is throttling data. Net neutrality is important to prevent these practices and Hotspot Shield is joining Fight for the Future in the battle for bandwidth.

It really seems to be thanks to activists, internet trolls and internet champions like Hotspot Shield uniting for good and keeping up the pressure is what it will take to keep the internet free.

In a time before widespread throttling, in 2005, the FCC introduced its first net neutrality rules to protect the free flow of information on the internet. However, in 2018, under the Trump administration, the FCC then canceled those rules.

Following the November 2018 elections, House Democrats took control back of the chamber, and Nancy Pelosi said they would collaborate with their colleagues in the US Senate to pass The Save The Internet Act.

On March 26, 2019, the non-profit organization Fight for the Future reported a small victory in the fight for net neutrality. The Save The Internet Act passed the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

Now Hotspot Shield is matching donations on to keep up the effort. At the moment, $49,122 of the $100,000 goal has been raised. Donations will be used to put direct pressure in key districts via phone calls, tweets, and emails. Crowdfunded billboards will be put up and ads will be run, in-district actions and events will be organized.

So, let’s now see how throttling is ruining your game.

But Why Is Net Neutrality Important?

ISPs can decide to have speeds at their own websites be very fast and slow down websites that you might actually prefer to see.

Hotspot Shield recognizes the importance of net neutrality in the lives of people across America, from fighting wildfires to keeping the internet a level playing field so start-ups stand a chance in online business.

Finally, though, net neutrality can be important for a good Netflix viewing experience, one without your connection being slowed down. Comcast and other providers have been throttling streaming websites that don’t pay them a cut, to favor their own media channels.

Who knew net neutrality could improve Netflix and chilling…

If you have the feeling your ISP is throttling your connection to certain streaming websites, you can avoid it by subscribing to a VPN which would hide your internet traffic from your ISP.

In Conclusion

In the case of having difficulties with throttling, subscribing to a VPN can help. If you are passionate about net neutrality, Hotspot Shield is a good choice because they’ll use their profits to make the internet better for everyone.