HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug: Inspiraion for Life

HomeKit is one of Apple’s dominant marketing strategies to streamline smart home appliances. The word “home” refers to home automation, whereas “kit” stands for software developer kit (SDK). HomeKit intends to introduce new ideas for smart accessories to be communicated and controlled from various product categories like speakers, detectors, plugs, and blinds. Koogeek P1 HomeKit plug enables users to monitor, manage and schedule home electrics easily through iPhone, iPad, or Siri voice commands. iOS systems, such as iOS 8, can improve the connectivity framework of HomeKit to a higher level, and enable users to interact smoothly with physical HomeKit accessories in daily life.

HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug

HomeKit was first announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from Apple in 2014. WWDC is an official annual conference that is held by Apple to introduce new iOS products or software, such as the iPhone series. It opens for worldwide reports and partners and is presented by Apple CEOs. At the WWDC in 2016, Koogeek ® HomeKit made its debut. Apple sets highly strict requirements for enterprises to join the HomeKit plan. So far only 18 worldwide enterprises have been qualified for Apple’s HomeKit business pattern, and Koogeek ® is the second brand in Asia that has been entitled to this honor.

Features of Koogeek HomeKit plug

1. Siri voice commands

Koogeek HomeKit plug is designed based on Siri voice control systems, hence users can directly monitor or manage home electrics from Apple devices. Siri is known as an intelligent personal assistant, or a type of information navigator. It is firstly released by Apple Inc for iOS systems in early 2010. Natural language interface technology is adopted in every Siri HomeKit system. Requests from users are delegated to a series of HomeKit web services. Siri is probably one of the greatest achievements from the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center in the USA. For the upcoming years, Apple intends to put more effort on personal context awareness of HomeKit Siri systems.

2. Create “Scenes”

Believe it or not, Koogeek P1 HomeKit Plug can also create home “scenes” thanks to HomeKit’s advanced design. This function is an inspirative idea for home-based HomeKit electrics. A specific pre-set “scene” can be created by using HomeKit Sifi voice command, so what users need to do is just to make requests like “Siri, please turn off the bed scene”, and then the nightstand lighting device will be turned on simultaneously. The idea of creating “scenes” is similar to sketch-up in graphic design software. It is totally up to users to make HomeKit configuration or to select home style: either Victorian or modern. The individual scene is named and includes a number of actions related to a smart HomeKit electrics and its characteristics.

3. App Setup

Koogeek P1 HomeKit plug has a quick and easy-to-use smart-phone HomeKit Wi-Fi App. It is a similar design to another technological feature of Koogeek smart devices: the Koogeek Bluetooth Smart Scale. Based on Apple HomeKit technology, users can control or monitor Koogeek HomeKit plug anytime and anywhere at home with the assistance of a user-friendly clean, and intuitive interface on smart-phone screen. Users can get a full list of all HomeKit home electrics, with each of them either on or off. What’s the more, virtual and physical representation is designed for main buttons, for example, the auto time-setting function of Koogeek HomeKit App. This function makes users custom time routine for all kinds of daily activities of the HomeKit plug. With just a few simple clicks, home schedules can be done. It really sounds as easy as it could be.

4. Power Reporting

Power reporting system is one of the advanced functions of Koogeek P1 HomeKit plug. Users can administer the existing battery capacity, compare it with the average battery level, analyzing and calculating electronics and energy consumption. In order to meet environmental protection policies for worldwide countries and regions, Koogeek P1 HomeKit smart plug givers priority to the consideration of environmentally friendly factors. For the energy reporting function, the smart plug also has a virtual interface about graphic representation for power usage over time.

HomeKit Koogeek P1 Smart Plug Final Thoughts

Overall, Koogeek P1 smart plug has considerable improvements compared to traditional home-used plugs in terms of its intelligent features and inspiring brand new innovations. The cooperation between Apple HomeKit and Koogeek seems to be a win-win game both for HomeKit international business patterns and Koogeek’s worldwide brand influence. As Asia’s second enterprise that won the “ticket” for WWDC, Koogeek indeed has performed impressively. As for the sleek design and easy-to-use operation systems, Koogeek P1 smart plug seems to hold its own in a sea of smart electrics competitors.