Headphone Burn In: All you need to know

So, the first question that you guys might ask, “Is headphone burn in real?”

Yes, it is. Headphone burn-in is not a myth, it is very much a real thing and believe me, you can achieve much better levels of playback on your headphones by following this headphone burn-in guide.

What is headphone burn in?

It is the process of enhancing the music playback on your headphone. All the new sets of headphones are tested for performance and output before they are released on the market. But continuous music is not played and the headphones are not fully exposed to music. Burning in headphones may result in improving the overall music experience.

Advantages of burning in your headphone

The major advantage of headphone burn-in is to loosen the diaphragm of a new headphone. This can be done by playing music on the headphone for at least 40 hours. You can leverage this headphone burn in track to achieve this purpose.

How to burn headphones properly?

There are different ways that you can use to burn in your earphone or headphone properly. The common procedure includes playing a wide variety of music at medium volume. Using high volume and continuous burn in can be harmful to your headphone. It is recommended to cycle your burn-in by playing different music in a period of 4 to 5 hours per day, for many days. This is called the headphone burn-in period. You can burn in for 40 to 500 hours and for every 4 to 5 hours of playback, you have to provide your headphones a rest period.

Audiophiles have observed a great difference in the headphone output pre and post burn in. The headphone sound quality can be enhanced. You can find a lot of headphone burn in playlists, tracks, and mp3 on various websites and quite a few videos on YouTube as well. You may use these tracks to burn in your headphones.

Please note that not following the correct burn in procedure can result in your headphones getting seriously damaged. Please use this procedure at your own risk. TechCloud will not be responsible for any impact caused by this procedure on your headphones.

Yes, headphone burn-in exists, however it should be done will extreme caution. With the right procedure, it can work wonders for your headphone. Do let us know if you felt any difference after burning your headphone in the comments section below.