5 Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google chrome is the most widely used web browser today. Let’s make your favorite web browser more interesting with these 5 useful Google Chrome tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are very simple and do not require the installation of any add ons or extensions.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

1) Task Manager

One of my favourite Google Chrome tips is the use of task manager to improve browser’s efficiency. Chrome has a very handy task manager which can be used to improve the browser performance by terminating the extensions or even the websites that are consuming large amount of memory. To access the task manager, navigate to Tools – Task manager or you can use the shortcut “Shift+Esc”

2) Hide your location

Did you know that you can hide your location from Google Chrome ? This neat tip may come in handy when you do not want websites to track your location or you just want to trick your friends. Navigate to Tools – developer tools  (Ctrl+Shift+I). Press the Esc key to open the console. Select the Emulation tab and you can specify the co-ordinates.

3) Play Media

A lot of people are not aware that one can play media files on the Google Chrome browser. Just drag any media file, sit back and enjoy ! You can also use the drag and drop functionality for pdf files or text documents. One of the coolest Google Chrome tips this one !

4) Save a PDF copy of the web page

We have a pdf writer that is built-in Google chrome. If you want to save any web page as a pdf, just press a Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac) and chose the “Save as PDF” option. This is one of the very handy Google Chrome tips that you will probably use everyday.

5) Add more bookmarks in toolbar

Sick of the limited number of bookmarks in your toolbar ? Want to see more of them ? Its pretty simple with this cool Google Chrome tip. Just right-click on the existing bookmark and click on Edit. Delete the entry in the Name field. This will only show the favicon of the saved page thereby reducing the space taken by the name and enabling you to add more entries.

There are a whole bunch of other Google Chrome tips and tricks that we have covered individually as well. You must check out What Is Autofill And How To Disable It, if you use Google Chrome on a daily basis.

Also, I would love to read your thoughts on Google Chrome tips and tricks in the comment section below.