How to Increase and Get More Instagram Followers

We all know, Instagram is rapidly becoming a focal point for brands, particularly for online businesses who want to use social media to easily connect with potential, current, and old customers worldwide. Effectively, by having your Instagram account you can easily catch the attention of many potential online buyers to visit your site and look for one of your products or services online. Although Instagram is very popular nowadays, still there are many users, particularly online business owners who are still wondering on how to get more Instagram followers fast?

Get More Instagram Followers

Unluckily, there is no magic formula on how to get more followers or increase Instagram followers that will quickly garner either thousands or millions of new followers. But, there are actually ways that you can use to increase your Instagram followers, and some of these effective ways are the mentioned below.

How to get more Instagram followers?

1. Ask questions in the captions of your posted photos

Actually having one or two questions in the captions of your Instagram photos is a great and effective way to increase engagement between your photos and other Instagram users online. However, make sure that your question is relevant and appropriate on the photos that you are going to post in your Instagram. In this way, other users will now engage to your Instagram profile by answering your question.

2. Make sure your bio is interesting and complete

If possible when writing your bio, you include relevant hashtags and keywords and also a link back to your site. Above all, do not be spammy, if you are, no one will read your Instagram profile.

3. Make your account look organized and perfect

Remember that the quality mainly beats quantity.  If you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers, make sure to make your Instagram account look perfect as well as organized. If possible, edit your own account such as your photos to leave nothing but the best and interesting images which will easily catch the attention of other users and encourage them to become your followers. In addition, always keep in mind that none of us wants to follow someone’s account with various pointless images or with random shots. Therefore, please ensure to keep your account organized and pleasing to the eyes of other users.

4. Search for and follow online users who are commonly using popular hashtags#

This way you may also expect that these people will follow you back as their way of appreciating your efforts of following them.

5. Comment and like on other online user’s photos

Just like in following people who are using hashtags in their account, you can also gain new followers by commenting and liking others photos. This way, you will not only become part of the community, but also let other users to follow your Instagram account as well. Actually this is also one effective way other online users are using to increase the number of their Instagram followers.

Instagram is one social media platform that most people are using these days. Therefore, knowing how to increase Instagram followers is very useful especially if you want to use your Instagram for online business. Do try out the tips and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.