Free Backlinks: How to Get Easy Links from High PR Sites

We have been talking about the importance of anchor text and backlink checker tools in our previous posts. And since we already had an in-depth discussion on backlinks, many have asked me the question: How can I get free backlinks from high PR sites?

Let me clarify something first. Google stopped updating Page Rank (PR) almost 3 years back. So, any website or blog that was created post that does not have a PR. If you try checking the PR of such sites (techcloud included) on the various online tools, you will get the output as PR 0 – doesn’t mean that the site is bad, it simply means that the site is not rated by Google!

How to Get Easy Links from High PR Sites

Today, Moz metrics have become important in determining a website’s quality and authority. Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and Moz rank are the go-to metrics today. I will be talking about this in another post very soon.

Today I am going to share a few tips to get easy, genuine backlinks from an authority, high PR or shall we say high DA websites.

Easy steps to get free backlinks from high PR, high DA, authority sites

1) Write a guest article on one of the popular blogs in your niche and get easy backlinks.

2) A large number of free backlinks may be collected via social media sites by developing a profile and adding your website description in the bio or just by uploading an attractive write-up or post. This might sound to be a lengthy process, but do not doubt the outcome. The results are often superb because people are addicted to social media platforms these days which increases the probability of your post being shared among hundreds and thousands of people. More the number of shares, more are the chances of your post being features of other websites.

3) You can obtain many backlinks from video websites which are accessed by millions on a daily basis. You might not be interested in video marketing, but you can always write comments on the popular videos with a link back to your website. It is a good idea to comment only on videos that are relevant to your blog.

4) Make article submissions to social bookmarking sites.

5) All comments to good blogs in your niche.

6) Create a profile on forums related to your niche. Help people by commenting and drop relevant links where necessary.

7) Submit your website to RSS directories.

8) If you buy products on e-commerce websites, you can review them on the blog. Later on, you can write a review of the product on that e-commerce website with a link back to your blog post.

These were a few tips to get free and easy backlinks from high PR and high DA, authority websites. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.