Forget uTorrent: 4 Replacements You Need to Jump On

uTorrent is the software that makes BitTorrent work. If you are wondering what BitTorrent is, it is a peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol that is used as a platform to share and download data over the internet. uTorrent is owned and developed currently by BitTorrent, Inc. It allows a user to download content on their hard drive via torrent files.

Why should I replace uTorrent? Is something wrong with it?

No matter what trick you try, the ads on uTorrent keep popping up. They are relentless. Most people are used to an ad-less and more agile version of uTorrent. However, these days the company is trying to up its revenue with spammy pop-up ads. It is just annoying. Also, there are some speed issues. The new version freezes for no reason. Hence, most users have already jumped on to other BitTorrents clients. If you haven’t yet, it’s time you said goodbye to uTorrent.

uTorrent replacement

Here are the 4 best replacements for uTorrent

1) Deluge

Looking for an ad-free, free of cost and lightweight client for BitTorrent?

Deluge is one of the best alternatives to uTorrent. It is an open-source software developed by Andrew Resch, Damien Churchill, and John Garland. Initially released in 2006, the stable version was made available since June 12, 2019. In fact, this is what prompted uTorrent users to think of Deluge as their new BitTorrent client.

2) Tixati

Tixati, another BitTorrent client developed by Kevin Hearn goes out on a limb and claims to be free of spyware, adware, and nonsense. You can quickly install Tixati on your PC without worrying about it asking you to install other irrelevant software. Both Windows and Linux versions are available and they do not have any dependencies on Java or .Net frameworks.

3) Vuze

Do you wish to watch movies as it is getting downloaded?

With Vuze, you can do just that. Even uTorrent provides you access to the source file but it does not linearly download files. So, you can only enjoy certain portions of a video or audio file. To enjoy the Media Playback feature, you do not need a premium version. Although there is a premium version available for $2.49 per month. There is also a free version available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4) qBittorrent

qBittorrent is another open-source software developed by volunteers. The team functions fully on donations. If the ads on uTorrent bother you, just switch to qBittorrent and you will never face the same problem again. qBittorrent is available for all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OS/2. I like qBittorrent’s “IP Filtering” and “Sequential downloading” features the most.


It is quite common for software companies to want to increase their earnings by purchasing open-source software and turning it into a money-making machine. This is what BitTorrent, Inc did with uTorrent. But luckily, there are ad-free replacements available.