FocusFixed: Earn from Photography Contests in India

Do you love photography? Do you think you have a flair for getting the best pictures? Do you want to earn money from online photography contests? Well, put your photography up to the test at FocusFixed

FocusFixed is a brand new website that is designed to showcase the work of photographers. As a photographer, you know that marketing your skill is hard. Whether you’re the best photographer in the world, or just an amateur, it’s hard to get noticed. Maybe because there is a lot of competition, or maybe because there aren’t a lot of places that are designed as photography social networks. Unless you’re a portrait photographer, of course. There’s a big market for that, but it’s not what every photographer loves. Some photographers love taking pictures of animals, others of nature. Some like to unique angles, and others like to play with color. No matter what your favourite type of photography is, if it’s not portrait, there’s no market.

FocusFixed review

Well, FocusFixed is aiming to change that. The idea of the website is to create a showcase for photographers that isn’t exclusive to any particular style. Here, you can make a profile, and upload your best, and worst, work. All of the photos that are on the site from every user are categorized. The categories are wide-ranged, and very easy to find. This means that anyone looking for a certain style of photography will be able to find your photos easily. It’s about getting you recognition, making it easier to connect with the type of clients you’re looking to connect with. But that’s not the only function of FocusFixed

How does FocusFixed help you in making money from photography?

Along with getting recognition, you can also receive royalties. The photos on site are available for purchase, should anyone want to buy a particular image. If a user does decide to buy one of your photos, you’re eligible for royalties, and that too 60%. This payout isn’t only once, either. You’ll receive royalties for every single photo you upload that sells to an interested buyer. This way, you can start earning money. If you’re an amateur photographer, this is a great way to build confidence in your portfolio. If you’re a professional photographer, it’s a great way to earn something extra on the side. Either way, if you love photography, you should put yours on display. Even if you don’t get any sales, it doesn’t hurt to get your work viewed.

There are also contests, for those who might be interested. Photographers can submit their photos into the contest, as long as they meet the theme guidelines. The winner of each contest receives an Amazon gift card. These contests are held every two weeks. Each contest has a different theme. The current contest has a “Mother Nature” theme, so photographers are submitting pictures of nature.

No matter what artistic field you’re in, it’s never a bad idea to branch out. This is a great way to showcase your work and see the work of others showcased as well. You never know what wonders await you if you don’t branch out, at least a little bit. It may as well be in the field you know and love. So, log in to FocusFixed now and take part in the awesome photography contests.