Family Orbit: An Excellent Family Locator App

Are you always worried about the well-being of your family members? Would you like to keep a tab on the location of your family members to ensure their safety? If Yes, we are glad to bring to you Family Orbit – An excellent family locator app to keep track of your loved ones, anywhere, everywhere.

Family Orbit Review

Family Orbit is very much like the Weasley Clock in the magical world of Harry Potter, except that if offers a lot more features!

Its locator feature helps you to keep a check on family members in real-time. You just have to select a family member and you will come to know about their whereabouts. This is a great feature that allows parents to check on their children when they are not responding to phone calls or text messages.

You can easily check the location history of the family members to find out the places that they have been to. This information is saved based on the location of their mobile device. Now you can easily find out if your kid has been telling you the truth about the places they visit.

A unique feature of the app allows you to create virtual geo-fences ranging from 150 meters to 2000 meters around specific locations. Whenever a family member crosses the geofence, you will be alerted immediately. A great way to find out if you kids have taken a detour from their normal path. You also have a chat feature that allows you to communicate with the family members easily.

A very useful feature of the app is the Panic button. Whenever this button is pressed, all the family members will receive an immediate notification with the location of the member who is in trouble and you can rush to their help. Also, the pickup feature allows you to choose the nearest family member to pick you up based on your location.

Photo monitoring is another feature that can be set up to check the photos on your children’s phone. This way you can ensure that your children stay away from the nasty stuff.

You can also monitor the address book and check the device information of individual members.  This includes battery power and wifi information.

Family Orbit is a very promising software and I recommend you to give it a try. You can download the app from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store