EmploTime Review: Web Based Time Clock Service

If you are running a business, it is imperative that you use a time clock service. This service helps you monitor the time that each employee puts in to accomplish the task assigned to them, thereby enabling you to measure their productivity and streamline remuneration.

Now, there is a lot of such software and services available today, however, a service called EmploTime caught my attention.

EmploTime review

EmploTime is a web-based time clock service that allows the use of a time clock for the employees to clock time from wherever the administrator decides. Let’s take a detailed look at EmploTime.

EmploTime Review

The first thing that catches your attention is that EmploTime is designed to be used on multiple platforms. You can use it on a desktop, laptop, tablet as well as mobile phone. Business today requires employees to work from remote locations and therefore employers should be in a position to clock their time irrespective. EmploTime mobile app solves this problem.

EmploTime is also built for small businesses, across all the business segments that have 100 employees or less. This is an excellent solution for employees who work off business locations and in multiple shifts.

How it works?

Since EmploTime is a web-based app, employees just need to navigate to the website on their browser. Once they do so, they can start clocking their time with just a click of a button. EmploTime works for the timezone given by the company. This simplifies time-tracking for the companies that have their operations spread across multiple time zones.

Now, managers, business owners and admins should also have a way to access their employees data. So, EmploTime provides them with an admin portal. This admin portal can be accessed using a mobile device or a web app on a computer. You get a dashboard where one can view the employees who are currently on the clock. You also get the option to add new employees and you can generate a report to determine how many hours has each employee put on the clock at any given time. This data can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF formats.

EmploTime features

Buddy punch lockout – A typical example of time theft is when a colleague clocks in time on your behalf. This is unethical and makes it difficult for employers to track the actual productivity of the employees. EmploTime has this unique feature that prevents time theft.

Geolocation – The app lets employees clock in their time from any location there are in. This data is synched real-time.

Notes – At times the employers would want employees to provide the reason for logging out early or to provide a description of the tasks performed. The notes features helps with this.

Report generation – Employers can generate detailed reports using the admin panel and can export it to Word, Excel or PDF formats. You can also generate exceptions on reports such as late entries and early exits.

Overtime and breaks – Employers can add a daily and weekly overtime schedule and get the detailed report. Also, the app lets you automatically deduct breaks after a given amount of working hours.

Managing leaves – EmploTime allows employees to manage paid or unpaid leaves like vacations, sick days etc.


The best thing about EmploTime is the fact that you pay as little as $1 per employee per month! Now, that’s a pretty sweet deal. I’ve not come across any other time tracking software or app that has a pricing lower than this. Moreover, you can try out the app for 30 days for free, without having to provide any credit card information.


EmploTime is the least expensive time clock solution in the market at $1 USD per employee per month. With a host of excellent features along with 24/7 support, you must give it a try if you are looking for a time tracking solution for your business. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.