Doogee Smart Cube – World’s Smallest Projector

In this modern era of exciting inventions, we are in for a treat every single day. While Smartphones and Television sets have become smaller, slimmer and sleeker, there are plenty of other things that we would love to hold in our hands – A projector for example.

The folks at Wise Inventing have achieved this extraordinary feat. Presenting the World’s Smallest Projector – Doogee Smart Cube P1 which is a cube with 62mm sides and weighs a mere 290 gms!

Doogee Smart Cube

Finally you have a projector that can be carried in your pocket or your handbag. Hook this up to your Smartphone for those office presentations, connect to your gaming console or enjoy movies on a big screen – the possibilities are endless.

The Doogee Smart Cube P1 has been designed to be a multitasker. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this miniature projector.

  • Smart cube P1 is a 62mm side length cube weighing a mere 290 gram. The size of the projection screen can reach up to 100 inch and the visual experience is awesome.
  • Supports multiple synchronized screens with support offered for your phone’s display to a large projector screen which makes the gaming experience realistic and engaging.
  • Different wireless technologies are supported which includes DLNA, Miracast, Air Play & bluetooth.
  • Supports a wide variety of Smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Comes with Android OS with application support. You can download videos and play music. The built-in high quality speakers provides theater like experience.
  • Comes with a 4800 mAh polymer battery so that you never run out of juice.

Specification of Doogee Smart Cube P1

Doogee Smart Cube P1 is the projector of the future. This product can be used anywhere. If you are traveling, this can be your best companion. Watch a movie on the go or listen to your favorite music. Just imagine camping at night with a movie playing in your tent with this handy projector. Sheer joy!

For the people who struggle with your big office projectors, this one is for you. Just imaging how cool it would be to take out the Smart Cube from your pocket and start your presentation. It will not only make a good impression on your colleagues, but you will also grab their attention as well.

P1 uses green technology that makes it extremely close to being radiation-free. Even after you have used it for a long time it does not hurt the eyes. The brightness of the projector can reach up to 70 lumens and it allows for service life in excess of 30,000 hours!

Watch Doogee Smart Cube P1 in Action

I am sure you are dying to get your hands on this projector, right?

There is a campaign for Doogee Smart Cube P1 on Indiegogo. People have already started backing this amazing product and you should too. There are great rewards in-store when you do that as well. So what are you waiting for? Head to Indiegogo right away to check out more details on this projector and to back this awesome idea.

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