Disk Drill 3 Review: Recover Deleted Files from Mac, iPhone & Android

Deleting data from your Mac, iPhone, or Android device is very easy but recovering it is more of an uphill task. A lot of times we tend to delete important files accidentally and then frantically search for ways to recover the data.

Well, not anymore.

Presenting Disk Drill 3 which is an excellent software that can recover deleted files from Mac, iPhone and Android easily!

Disk Drill 3 Review

Why is Disk Drill 3 the Ultimate Recovery Solution?

Can Recover all file formats

Disk Drill 3 uses multiple recovery methods and can recover 200+ different files and formats by reconstruction using its unique recovery algorithm.

Supports all major devices

The software supports Mac, iOS and Android operating systems which makes is a unique solution for your data recovery needs. You just need to connect a storage device and the data recovery can be performed in minutes.

Easy to use

Disk Drill 3 is very easy to use and you do not need to be a tech-savvy person to recover lost files. Recovery can be achieved by using a click of a button. Anyone can use this software without any training.

How does Disk Drill 3 Work?

Scan for lost data

You just need to connect a storage device to your laptop or PC with Disk Drill running on it and start a scan. The storage device can be a Mac, iPhone, Android, external HDD or a camera.

Once the scan is started, Disk Drill 3 will scan the device for bad sectors and tracks and its unique algorithm will compile a list of the files that can be recovered.

Preview the files and recover

Once the scan is complete, you can take a look at the files that can be potentially recovered using the software.

Previewing gives you a good idea as you can actually take a look at the files that you would like to recover. Once you have previewed the files, you just need to click on the recover button and the software will start the recovery process in the background.

Supported Products

  • Laptops and desktops
  • iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Digital camera
  • Internal and external hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Android devices
  • Memory cards

Disk Drill also provides you with the following additional tools which are really great.

Disk health – Intelligent disk monitoring to protect and warn you of any disk failures.

Mac Cleanup – Analyze used disk space, optimize and cleanup storage.

Duplicate finder – Searches redundant files and cleans them up to save disk space.

Recovery drive – You can create your own bootable USB drive and use it for data recovery.

Data Protection – A recovery vault feature that helps you in protecting data.

Data backup – Creates byte-to-byte disk and partition level backup of your data.

All in all, Disk Drill 3 is an excellent software for all your data recovery needs across various platforms. For more information on this software, check out this link