How to Discover New Music on the Internet

Music is a universal language. Music is beautiful, produces harmony and an expression of emotion. It is not always easy to discover new music, but that’s only because you might not know how.

You can easily find new music on the internet and there are a lot of popular services that help you to discover music online. Today we will talk about 4 ways to discover new music.

How to Discover New Music on the Internet

1) YouTube Music

I am quite sure that many of you might already be using YouTube as a source of music. YouTube Music is a comparatively new launch and the best part is that it has a dedicated section which isolates your music from other videos. As you go on listening to music on YouTube, it will slowly but surely learn your taste in music from the videos you watch and your likes and dislikes. You can discover new songs as well as music artists and you really have a lot of choices. One thing to keep in mind is that if someone else uses your account to listen to music, your entire listening experience will be screwed! So, you need to be a little cautious if you are sharing your computer or Smartphone with someone else.

2) Gnoosic

You would probably have never heard about this website but let me tell you that this is a great place to discover new music. Gnoosic aims to introduce you to the artists that you like, but have never heard of! Discovering music is very simple using Gnoosic. Just head to Gnoosic’s website and enter the name of three bands or artists that you like or would like to hear at that moment. Gnoosic will list one new artist at a time based on your submission. You need to rate the artist every time you are given a suggestion so that the tool fine-tunes the recommendation accordingly. You can also view the member’s discussion on the artists for additional information. You won’t be offered the song playback but you’ll definitely discover new music artists here.

3) Hype Machine

Hype Machine is a very simple site with a very interesting concept. It aggregates the most popular music from popular social networking sites and blogs. This popular music is presented to you and you can listen to the songs for free by creating a free account. The music might not always be as per your taste, however it will be what’s popular and you can discover new music for sure. I found some amazing tracks here and I would suggest you to try Hype Machine and discover some great music.

4) iTunes Internet Radio

When we talk about new music discovery, how can we forget iTunes internet radio! It offers you tons of radio stations to choose from. You just need to download iTunes on your device and you will have access to iTunes radio. It will not always play the songs that you want as it entirely depends on the radio station but you can discover new music by toggling between radio stations.

These were some of the ways todiscover new music on the internet. Do let us know if you know of any other ways for discovering music. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.