Data Recovery after Formatting Memory Card

Do you know what you can do to recover photos after formatting the memory card by mistake? If not, also do not worry! You are in luck as I am aware of some related accidentally formatted memory card data recovery experiences that happened to people around me.

Data Recovery after Formatting Memory Card

Want to Recover Photos after Formatting Memory Card?

In fact, about two weeks ago, my best friend was enjoying his two-day trip to London and had taken many precious photos with his Canon digital camera. However, when trying to delete some blurred and bad pics directly from the camera, he mistakenly selected the “format” option instead. Though he had stopped that unwanted memory card formatting process as fast as possible, he found that there was nothing left on the 32GB SD card! And then, at that moment, what he could think of was how to recover all these lost photos from that formatted memory card. So, he began to look for similar memory card data loss incidents on the internet and read all nearly all such posts spread across different websites.

And luckily, all his efforts were not useless. From these similar memory card data recovery cases after format, he did come across a few memory card format recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Free, which can help recover the lost photos, videos and other files from a formatted memory card.

Perform Memory Card Format Recovery to Retrieve Lost Card Photo, Videos & Files

In fact, at first, since he completely had no idea about such memory card data loss troubles and related memory card photo recovery software, he was really confused about which one of the recommended data recovery application found in different forums/articles was proper to resolve his memory card photo loss problems. What he could do was only to try them all one by one. And fortunately, after trying about seven different software, including three free ones and four paid ones, he eventually downloaded and started this iCare Data recovery Software, which worked like a charm!

After installing this software on his PC and picking the “Deep Scan Recovery” mode from three well-designed data recovery modes listed on its main screen, he was asked to select the formatted 32GB camera memory card. And then, he just waited there for nearly half an hour, for the software was scanning his SD card thoroughly. After the scanning process, there were many precious photos and files listed on the software screen and he was allowed to freely check them directly on the smaller preview screen. He said he just could not help screaming out when he found nearly all of his photos were shown perfectly there. And, at last, with the help of this photo recovery software, he finally re-viewed most of his formatted memory card photos.

So, are you also searching for some memory card data recovery software to perform data recovery after format memory card by chance?

Hope you can learn some useful memory card photo recovery details from this case study here.