5 Ways you can Create a Strong Brand Identity through Writing

There are two things that define the start and the journey of a Brand. The Brand identity and the brand image. Brand identity is the very first step towards success if done right. It’s everything that is visible to the customers, it’s communication by the company to its audience. It is the logo, the tagline, the official goal, the design, the colors, the fonts, and everything that you put up for the world to see.

Why does one have a brand identity? It’s to achieve the right journey to the end. The Brand image is the value generated from thriving brand identity. It is the aura and reality that consumers believe in about your company due to the Brand loyalty generated directly from the Brand identity.  It’s always said, the start has to be right for the finish to be a success.

5 Ways you can Create a Strong Brand Identity through Writing

This is why you need everything that can help you to achieve an identity that no one else has. One of the simple ways of creating a strong brand identity is by using the following 5 ways in the world of writing –


Have you seen Lux’s advertisement about how different women of the celebrity world inspired one another and are grateful for having a fellow woman by their side? That was Lux’s way of telling a story about its Brand values while promoting it to the world. It was creative and smart. Not only did it connect to every possible professional working lady watching it but it also pushed them towards contributing to the value of the company which they believed was their story too. Hence, using words to tell the right customized and personal story to reach the right audience, adds sales and marketing revenue to your company. In fact, 78% of consumers believe that brands with custom content are more trustworthy than companies with generic content generation. So all you need to do is write with your company’s heart upfront and have the advantage over everyone else.

2)Social media influencing

Your brand exists on mostly all social media platforms if it wants to gain from the benefits of social media marketing. It could be Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat. Now, what does one exactly do on these platforms? They talk about their brand, post pictures to portray its goals and ideas, and connect to the viewers. Writing with emotion and passion can help you achieve that. Create an image, a poem, or a story to connect with it, if you have a live stream that you want to publicize, link it with an incident or story that you want to share – your customers are watching you everywhere. Give them something your customers love reading and you could have higher engagement in an instant.

3)Quality blogs

The blog section on your websites has now become a necessity and a measure to differentiate a company from a brand. You could have your brand style guide, your motto, or just employee testimonials for a personal engagement of readers. A blog with powerful words and quality articles attracts the best value. You should focus on having articles posted at regular intervals, rather than spamming with multiple average or below average content. If you want to talk about your Logo, having a write-up with the story or journey behind the creation of that Logo can be more impactful than just a picture or two-line tagline. In fact, companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month as compared to companies that do not use blogging for marketing.

4)Quora and other platforms

With the web and internet being everywhere, most users of a particular product find each other and connect for any future reference. These are usually consumer forums, Facebook groups, or Q&A platforms like Quora. So, find the right platform for your product, register, login, and start writing. You could reply to posts, answer doubts or share short inputs about your products to anyone interested. Writing in a polite manner with a touch of professionalism can go a long way to ensure customer loyalty. For example, if you are an education coaching center, you could join Pagalguy and be a part of groups that cover the courses your center offers. Look around for questions, find opinions and strike up conversations to show what your brand stands for.

5)Texts on Logos

Sometimes, you might want to use your company logo with a message or an advert while publicizing it on social media or on a banner. In those cases, a text message or quote with it makes it more impactful and increases customer engagement. This could also allow you to pass on the tone, value, and work ethic of your Brand to the readers. Writing which portrays your company tone and puts the best foot forward with professionalism can be used. It could be a tagline or a dialogue or just a three-line message.

Always remember, the pen is mightier than the sword. Writing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to help you build your brand identity with minimal costs. You could have your own editorial department or outsource the job to specialized companies. Happy writing!