CES 2019 – Tech preview of the hottest gadgets in the expo!

The 2019 International CES will begin on 8th January, Tuesday and end on 12th January, Saturday, in Vegas. Just like every other year this year also promises an exciting new range of gadgets that will transform the lives of many for the better. Here’s a preview of the most exciting gadgets that are to be announced at this year’s expo.

CES 2019
  • AI assistants

The Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have been two of the major AI developments in the past that helped people sort out their hectic modern lives. For 2019, there’s buzz that these smart speakers will be able to tell you where your remote control or your pet is hiding. The Auri Lamp has Alexa built in . You can use this lamp for meditation routines or, absurdly enough, to make fart sounds.Other companies are going to introduce their own smart speakers – Samsung’s Galaxy home powered by its smart assistant Bixby; Autolabs’ Chris who will help customize your car.

  • Televisions

The most widely circulated rumour of this year’s expo is LG is going to reveal a commercial version of a roll-up concept so that families can be entertained on a gant screen without having to use their walls for it to hang on. Samsung, too, is rumoured to demo a similar design if their patent claim, on Christmas day, is anything to go by.

  • Robots

Softbank’s Pepper’s Mr. Kaname Hayashi will be showing a droid called Lovot. It’s a chick-like bot that has a camera protruding from its head allowing it to map rooms so that it can monitor children and subsequently act as a home surveillance device. According to Mr. Hayashi, the purpose behind making this robot was to engender joy, love, and other positive emotions.

  • Food and Drink

Several companies have come out with products this year. Mitte has a machine that has a choice of cartridges built within it to add rock minerals to the water that passes through it. No need to buy branded bottles of mineral water anymore. Capsulier has its version of DIY coffee and tea pods-maker. Lumen will demo its prototype of the “hack your metabolism” device that will use the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the air you inhale to determine the number of carbs and fats you have burnt. LG is showing their product that will make beer for you from the comfort of your home. This product is called HomeBrew.

  • Health and Beauty

The products being displayed at this year’s expo are modeled on neuromodulation therapy, which has been around since 1980s but required an implant or surgery. PainCareLabs DuoTherm is a working prototype of a non-surgical solution to this problem. DuoTherm applies heat and vibration pressure to enhance nerve activity. Lenus Freedom is demoing an electrical nerve field stimulator. Although experts have their doubts about these products, they surely signal a start for the future of these non-surgical solutions.

Hopefully, these gadgets have not only got you excited for this year’s expo but also because it is a window to the future of our way of living