Best Educational Apps for Android and iOS

Today we bring you the best educational apps that not only make learning fun, but you can educate yourself on the go.

Education has come a long way – from stone inscriptions which were used long ago to the e-learning of modern times. All this has been possible because internet and computers are easily available today. They have become more affordable and the world is becoming more and more connected. E-learning has definitely become popular now a days. A lot of educational apps and websites have made it more interesting. Without further ado, let’s get started with the best educational apps

Best Educational Apps

Best educational apps for Android and iOS

1) Best language learning app – Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best educational apps. This  awesome language learning tool is available both as an app and a website. The app is totally free and is available for the Android and iOS platforms. Currently Duolingo offers 9 languages that you can choose from. These are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish and Swedish

Once you have selected a language that you would like to learn, you are presented with lessons in the form of tests that you need to take. You are provided with hints to complete the test. There are various types of questions that make learning fun and interesting. You will be asked to translate, fill in the blanks or choose the correct option in order to pass the tests. In addition to this you will find spoken translations along with pictorial questions. Wrong answer results in you losing a ‘heart’. Correct answers will help you in course progression that can be tracked with the progress bar. The interface is very crisp and clear. You can also play against your friends if you like some competition. All in all this is one of the best educational apps. Do give it a try and learn new languages.

2) TED

I hope you are familiar with TED talks. If not, let me tell you that these are a collection of video lectures. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. These lectures are conferences given by subject matter experts of a particular field. You will also find videos on new development and ideas. TED has been brought over to the Android and iOS platform and it is a great free educational app available out there.

You get to choose a topic that you like and the time that you would like to spend on the app. The videos are customized as per your requirement. The video load time is lightning fast. You will have a way better experience on the mobile app than the website. This has to be your go to app to learn new things every day.

3) Best app to learn coding – Codebox

Have you ever wanted to learn coding but did not have a lot of time to spare ? Learning coding has been made pretty easy with this amazing app called as Codebox. This app allows you to learn two programming languages – Java and C. It covers the basic on these languages along with explanation and solutions to various interview questions. It is great for people who are very new at coding and also for advanced coders who can quickly refer important algorithms on this app.

User interface is really good along with various categories to help you in easy navigation. This app is free and is one for the best education apps, especially for Engineering students. Also, if you are unable to find a particular program in the repository, you can request it online and they promise to upload it ASAP.

4) Best app for medical students – Medscape

Medscape is a great app for medical students, physicians and everyone else in the medical field. This app has around 129 medical calculators along with formulas, classifications and scales. You have tools for disease and drug look up as well. The news function allows you to keep track of the latest news in the medical field.

After you download the app, you will be asked for your specialization. The reason being that, the app will be customize your preference based on your specialization. This way you will only be shown the most relevant information based on the information that you provide. Medscape can be used both as a guide and for learning and reference.

Most of the best educational apps mentioned above are available both for the Android and iOS operating systems. Do try them out and learn new things on the go. After all, this is the era of e-learning !