Backlink Building: How to Create a Natural Link Profile

Link diversity plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Creating a natural backlink profile is becoming more and more important. Google wants its rankings to reflect the needs of its users. Therefore, you have to use legitimate link building strategies in order to achieve a top position in search results. In other words, you must focus on making you link profile look as natural to the search engines as possible.

Backlink Building How to Create a Natural Link Profile

Tips for creating a natural backlink profile

1. Check existing links to your website and sanitize the bad ones

Begin by checking your current links. Remove those that don’t look natural. Look out for backlinks in bad neighbourhoods. There are many online backlink checker tools which will help you find links pointing to a site. This way it is possible for you to figure out which links are beneficial for your website and the one’s that should be removed.

2. Optimize the anchor text

Change your anchor wording. Using only a single keyword or key phrase and building links while using same anchor text will eventually hurt your rankings. You need to build links which may have different versions of your desired anchor wording. Target multiple search phrases when building your own anchor text.

For example, if you sell sports shoes on your website, use different variations of your anchor text, like “tennis shoes”, “women’s sports shoes and boots”, “football shoes” and “running shoes” etc.

3. Focus on link diversity

Get different types of links from different sources pointing at your website. Try to receive backlinks from service listings, social networking sites, blogrolls, sponsorships, specialized associations, forums and guest posts. Don’t focus solely on a single type of website link. You also should maintain a stable flow of links pointing to different pages.

4. Link to blogs posts and not just the homepage

Don’t forget about your internal blog posts. Instead of building links only for your homepage, aim for individual posts. Building links only to your homepage may look suspicious. In addition, your homepage might not offer the level of information that some sort of potential customer is looking to get. Choose the most important inner pages, make a note of the url and link to them. This way you are helping both search engines like Google and human visitors to find your content easily thereby finding the information that they are looking for.

5. Add your site to web directories

Add your site to as many web directories as you possibly can. Directory submission might help in diversifying your own link portfolio. You will discover premium directories, area of interest directories, and regional business directories. Choose those that are relevant to your niche and submit your own listing. Add a key phrase-rich description of your site and offer your contact particulars. Web directories are hosted in a variety of locations worldwide, so you could possibly get backlinks from a number of unique domains and also IP addresses. If you would like to diversify your hyperlinks, start using visitor posting, blog commenting, article submission which are techniques that are proven to work.

These were a few tips on building natural backlinks. You should follow them and make sure that your link profile is clean at all times. If you have anything to add to this, do let us know in the comment section below.