Avast Antivirus Review

At the moment, Avast is a widely used antivirus program. No wonder as it is among the few providers that offer both free and paid versions. There is also a separate business package that has got a set of options developed specifically for this field. It does not matter whether one prefers Windows or Mac. Avast is compatible with both of the operating systems. Besides, the mobile versions for Androids and iPhones are also available.

Avast antivirus is customer-oriented and all about security. For that reason, when the user decides on this antivirus, one receives high-quality encryption, a powerful firewall, plenty of useful extra features, and a good choice of plans. As for the cost, it is neither the highest nor the cheapest. The prices for different plans are fair enough and correspond to the quality of services. It is worth mentioning that Avast is one of the few antivirus providers that offer the users the program’s free version. Thus, anyone can try out Avast and make sure that it is a worthy purchase.

Avast Price and Plans

Even though Avast is not a cheap antivirus, one can see for oneself that the cost is justified. Avast has got several packages to offer, including Internet Security, Premier, Premium, and Ultimate package. After one decides on which package to pick, one should also think about the duration of the subscription. Avast offers three options: for a year, two and three years.

Package1-year subscription2-year subscription3-year subscription
Internet Security for Windows$ 59.99$ 109.99$ 159.99
Premier for Windows$ 69.99$ 139.99$ 209.99
Ultimate for Windows (unlimited devices)$ 119.99$ 229.99$ 319.99
Security Premium for Mac$ 59.99$ 109.99$ 159.99

In such a way, there is a good opportunity to get a reliable antivirus and also a discount in the case of a long-term subscription. Specifically, the amount accounts for around 8% for the 2-year subscription and almost 12% for the 3-year subscription.
One may find it strange that Avast does not offer a monthly subscription.

However, one should remember about the free version of antivirus. Thus, before making a final decision regarding the program, a user can test the free Avast version to understand whether it works well for him or her. Free versions for Mac and Windows offer such features as malware and virus blocking, scanning, warning about potential threats and suspicious websites, and also password protection. The paid version considerably broadens the scope of security opportunities.

Avast Antivirus Pros


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
  • Proper customer service
  • Discounts for long-term subscription
  • High-quality Secureline VPN

Easy to use

The Avast developers took care of the program’s interface and functionality. No matter which package and plan one decides to use, Avast is a comprehensive tool, and one learns to use it properly, starting from the very first day. Furthermore, one should note that the setup process is simple. Indeed, whether one is an IT expert or an average user, Avast installation is equally easy for everyone. What is more, purchasing Avast for business, an entrepreneur will be pleasantly surprised with the cloud-based format. Thus, one does not need to install hardware.

Available for Windows and Mac users

Even though most of the modern antiviruses offer their versions for different operating systems, there are still those which are developed specifically for Mac or Windows, for instance. It might create some problems and inconveniences, eventually. For that reason, one will appreciate that Avast antivirus provides the users with Mac and Windows versions.

In addition to this, the Avast business version is compatible with both of these operating systems. In such a way, the company demonstrates its own customer-oriented strategy, on the one hand, and contributes to the development of the client base, on the other side.

Proper customer service

The developers of such programs as Avast antivirus tend to orient at a user, his or her expectations, and needs. Avast customer support starts with the official website, where one can find some answers to commonly asked questions. What is more, the website itself is quite informative so that an average user has got several variants that might be helpful while searching for information.

The page called ‘Contact Us’ is a fast way to get an answer to the bothering question. Thus, one is offered two options: customer support and business support. There, one can write the question and wait for the support team representative answer. On the website, one can also see the Avast Premium support telephone number.

Discounts for long-term subscription

The prices of the Avast packages are not low, however, still affordable as compared to several competitors. There is an opportunity to try out the free version first and then after one is sure that the provider is worth spending money, there are several powerful packages of one’s choice. Purchasing the 2-year subscription, one gets around 8% discount, while the 3-year subscription brings one approximately 12%.

High-quality Secureline VPN

Secureline VPN is a helpful tool that allows one to protect sensitive data stored on one’s device. Connecting to the Internet via router or WiFi, the users may face some threats, and this encrypting tool ensures their protection. In the case of Avast, the users have an opportunity to acquire Secureline VPN in two ways. First, one can test this VPN during a week for free, and the second way is to pay for the extension. Besides, it is possible to use this VPN as a streaming device and TV protection.


Avast is rather a powerful antivirus that stands out against the background of the rest of the leaders of the industry. Most importantly, the antivirus offers some features that ensure one’s device security. In addition to the free version, one gets a password manager and web-browser for free. Finally, Avast will not slow down the speed of one’s device a lot.

Avast Antivirus Cons


  • Ads in free version
  • Slow scanning options

Free version advertisements

While Avast generously offers the users to enjoy its free version, the antivirus is also packed with annoying ads. For some people, this might not be an issue; however, when there is too much of something, it starts to get on one’s nerves. Besides, the majority of such advertisements encourage the users to get a paid version or some feature.

Other ads that are more annoying are the ones that try to convince a user that a device is not adequately protected. Because Avast’s free antivirus is a thing and one can use it as long as one wants to, the advertisements seem to be not that tragic. Nevertheless, it is still a disadvantage.

Slow scanning option

Avast offers several scanning options which are as follows: real-time scan, manual virus scanning, USB virus scan, registry startup scan, auto virus scanning, scheduled scan, and also boot-time scan. In theory, these are convenient options; however, boot scanning, for instance, is vividly slow. Besides, one will not find an option of the automatic scanning while connecting any new drive to a PC.

Avast Extra Features

VPN Internet Security

The feature called Avast SecureLine VPN can be tested for 7 days absolutely for free. After the trial period is over, one has got an opportunity to purchase the VPN for a year. As for the cost, it is rather democratic: for a smartphone, the price is $20, for the PC – $60. Besides, one can get a VPN that is compatible with five different devices only for $80 per year.

Behavior Shield

One can use the extra feature Behavior Shield to trace all the running app for suspicious behavior in real-time. As soon as some malicious actions are recognized, the tool transfers the app to the Virus Chest.

Password Manager

The password manager is a worthy feature that helps a user to keep all the sensitive data, including passwords, credit card details, etc. One should note that Avast’s password manager is compatible with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and also Avast SafeZone.

Avast Sandbox

Avast Sandbox is a very convenient feature if one has to run some suspicious files. The feature works in such a way that all the suspicious and potentially malicious files can be opened and checked in a virtual safe space. Therefore, a user can be sure that all these files will not harm his or her PC.

Real Site

The Real Site option is used for the system configuration so that it uses the Avast DNS system. The feature is aimed at one’s protection from DNS stealing and also from the snoopers who may abuse DNS traffic to trace one’s browsing history.

Rescue Disk

The feature called Rescue Disk is applied when a severely infected system requires cleaning; specifically, it creates a bootable space to enable the system’s cleaning.

Avast Cleanup

The users can boost the speed of their computers using the feature called Avast Cleanup Boosts. Besides, it is an easy way to clean up space on the disk as all the junk files and bloatware are deleted.

How to install and setup Avast

Avast installation process is straightforward, and an average user can complete it with no problems simply following the steps that are provided in the Avast Internet Security installation example. The general rule that works for all the OSs and devices is that one should make sure that an old antivirus is deleted and no applications are running on a computer.

How to install it to Windows

  1. Click on the ‘Avast Internet Security’ button to download the setup file. Open the file.
  2. In the context menu, one needs to choose an option called Run as an administrator.
  3. Then, there may appear a User Account Control menu: one should click either Yes or Continue.
  4. The next thing to do is to activate the antivirus. To do this, one will have to apply the license file or a valid activation code. At this stage, one can also pick the language he or she wants. After this, the button ‘Install’ appears, and one can go on with default installation.
  5. When the installation is over, one will see the words ‘You are protected,’ click ‘Continue,’ carefully examine the Privacy Policy and proceed to click ‘Continue.’ The process of installation is over! However, one must keep in mind that it is essential to restart the computer so that everything can function correctly.

How to install it to Mac

  1. To install Avast Security, click on the corresponding button, and save the setup file.
  2. Open the file and click ‘Continue.’ After this, there will appear the text of the license agreement: one should read it attentively and click ‘Agree.’
  3. When offered some other protection products, one can choose some of them if he or she wants. Then, click ‘Continue.’
  4. Press on the ‘Install’ button. Importantly, at this stage, one can also change some of the settings that are offered by default. To do this, click ‘Customize’ or ‘Change Install Location.’
  5. Finally, one should enter the password and click on the ‘Install software’ button to launch the installation process.
  6. When everything is done, one may click ‘Close’ and delete the installer by moving it to trash.

How to install it to Android

The following steps will help one install a free version of Avast mobile security. There is also a paid one that can be activated via the Avast store manually.

  1. The first thing to do to install Avast for Android is to go to Google Play Store, find ‘Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus,’ and click ‘Install.’
  2. After the mobile app is downloaded, click ‘Open.’
  3. Then, one should open both the Privacy Policy and also End User License Agreement documents. When acquainted with the terms, confirm clicking ‘Accept’ and then, ‘Get started.’
  4. The antivirus is almost installed. For the free Avast version, one should click ‘Continue with ads.’
  5. The minimum requirements for the antivirus installation are as follows: Google Android 5.0 (API 21, Lollipop) and higher. Besides, one must make sure that the Internet connection works well so that the installation process goes smoothly.

How to install it to iOS

The users of iPhones can also get both paid and free versions of Avast Mobile.

  1. One should go to the App Store and enter ‘Avast Mobile Security’ in the search box.
  2. Click ‘Avast Security & Photo Vault’ to download it.
  3. As soon as the downloading is over, click ‘Open.’
  4. Read the entire text of the Privacy Policy document, as well as the End User License Agreement. If everything is okay, one should click on ‘Not Now’ to accept the terms.
  5. After this, a user will be asked whether the application can send the notification or not. One should click ‘Allow’ to proceed.
  6. That is it! Now, one can be sure that his or her device is protected.

For the Avast Security setup, the minimum requirements presuppose that one’s device is iOS 10.0 and higher. The application is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Our verdict

With no doubts, Avast antivirus is a right choice due to the detection rates that are higher than average and an impressive set of protecting features in general, even if one chooses a free version. All in all, compared to many similar products, Avast has lots of things to offer, while the cost is still affordable. Leave the comments to share your experience with Avast or if you want to find out more about it.

Frequently asked question

Is Avast a good antivirus?

Avast antivirus is considered to be one of the leading companies that deal with security tools and apps development. Specifically, Avast antivirus is likely to detect as many as 99% of any type of threat. Besides, Avast offers real-time detecting opportunities, thus, increases own effectiveness.

Is it enough to have a free version?

Notably, the free Avast version is worth one’s attention. Avast’s showings of the false positive rate are outstanding. One can get this antivirus for free with the basic protecting features and two extra ones. In practice, it is enough to feel secure equip oneself with additional protection.

Will my PC work slower with Avast and, especially, during scanning?

In most cases, running Avast antivirus scans, one will not mention any serious changes in the device’s performance. Yet, it is normal if one’s PC starts to perform a little slower during the scanning process, especially, if one decided on running several diverse scans at the moment. It is characteristic of the devices to perform slower when the program scans it. Thus, one should not worry.