Automation Is Expected to Create Jobs but Only You Can Make Sure You Get One

Workers have the right to work but no one can guarantee them a continuous job. But on their part workers should have the desire to always keep growing in terms of their abilities and skills and better themselves. In today’s world where technological advancements like automation and machine learning are becoming very common, it has become extremely necessary for workers to think about their role in their workplace. Artificial intelligence is taking a leap forward and automation is challenging the human abilities to perform tasks. A decade ago no one would have thought that we would be able to talk to machines and machines would be able to comprehend human speeches.


More companies are moving towards automation to increase productivity and efficiency and reduce cost at the same time. So does this wave of automation means fewer jobs? However, some experts believe that automation will actually create more jobs than taking away. However, it totally depends on us how to change ourselves to adapt to this technological change and take advantage of it, rather than being harmed by it. Here are certain ways by which you can make sure that you get those jobs created by automation.

  • By getting yourself trained in areas having vast scope in the era of automation is going to help you to remain employable. The kind of skills that are required in this era will be different from what you have now. One should do research and try to know from his employer, their expectation and requirement so that one may work on it accordingly. If the place you are working does not, provide you the opportunity to learn new skills or has no scope in the era of automation then maybe you should look for switching your job.
  • Digital literacy is something that would become utmost important in the era of automation. Everything would be digitally controlled and automated and would require people to have that kind of skills only so as to handle machines likewise. You should try to be the person who takes initiatives in your organization focused on digital transformation. You should be updated with the latest advancement taking place and be tech savvy as much as possible.
  • Robots are going to replace a lot of manual labor jobs in future. However in most of the cases automated processes and human requirement would occur simultaneously. Robots are employed to do the boring manual work, and gives time to human employees to do more fruitful and productive work. You should have the ability to embrace that change around you by making yourself adaptive to it.