A Dive Into Tableau Career Opportunities

Numerous Business Advancements have formulated Data Visualization as a powerful decision-making tool. The rise in the popularity of business intelligence also led to more usage of data visualization. Tableau is the key player in the arena of Data Visualization and in the field of Business Intelligence. It is the ultimate application that allows just anyone to collect and analyze data within a few clicks in the form of visuals.

Tableau is not any complex programming software and enables even non-IT employees to execute data-related tasks with ease. Without any need for knowledge of deep technicalities like SQL Server, basic skills on the concept are enough to work through the analytical data to obtain the desired output as it is the most user-friendly tool and involves art to effectively use it. It is leading the way with not only the features to be available today but also the abilities needed for tomorrow.

Tableau Career Opportunities

Demand for Tableau

Tableau is an excellent BI tool available in the market today. It is high in demand due to its ever-rising popularity and exceptional visualization abilities. Organizations are investing millions in this BI tool to compete in the race of business analytics and remain the industry leader. Business people are more attracted to Tableau due to its ability to analyze data of any size with a simple drag and drop interface.

Today’s market is in dire need of consultants and developers with expertise in these tools as demand is high and supply is less. Certainly, Tableau is the best option for an effective career as it is emerging as one of the hottest trends in 2017. Relatively, the demand for Tableau experts is also on the rage. It can be no better time than now, to get Tableau training and implement it. Extensive knowledge of this software provides the cutting edge over others. Even the good pay is encouraging candidates to take up the career with the average salaries being 77% higher when compared to all the other salaries.

Need to go for Tableau Training

Below are some of the prominent needs why one must opt Tableau Training:

Rising demand for Tableau Professionals

By 2020, the world is to set 50 times more data when compared to 2011. With this data, organizations arrive at a need to use a tool to analyze and derive insights from. Tableau is the exact replica of all the mentioned features. Thus the popularity of Tableau is expected to go through the roof.

Rewarding Salary

Tableau experts are getting paid with a good amount when compared with other professionals, with an average around $106,000. In India, it is equally rewarding with the median salary around Rs.5 Lakhs. These salaries are estimated to increase further in the near future.

Top Companies looking out for skills

When keenly observed, most of the top companies in the industry are looking out for the talent in Tableau. Some of the many include Facebook, Dell, Sony, Bank of America, Verizon, General Motors, etc. If you are out there looking out to get associated with the big techies, Tableau is the best choice.

Numerous Job Roles

Tableau has a wider option of job roles at various levels and in various industries. Some of the prominent job titles include:

  1. Tableau Consultant
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Business Intelligence Analyst
  5. Business Intelligence Developer
  6. Business Intelligence Manager

Future Looks Brighter

Tableau’s character “Ability to Execute” makes it stand out from the rest of the business intelligence tools and paves a path that future in Tableau is going to be very bright and secure.

Bottom Line

Tableau visualization has achieved a lot of appreciation from large enterprises and business audience across the globe. It is an excellent BI tool available in the market today. Visualization skills are in high demand now, therefore knowing Tableau is a worthy thing to do. Demand for Tableau skills are growing more rapidly than ever when compared to its competitors. Many Business Intelligence professionals have realized this trend and are mastering the relevant up-skills.