6 Best Golf Games For Android

It’s true that Golf is a rich man’s sport. Just take into account the money it costs to buy it’s accessories. Also, the cheapest Golf course membership costs around $500 a year. Maybe one day you will afford to play real Golf. But meanwhile, you can practice for free by downloading an app on your Android phone.

6 Best Golf Games For Android

Here are the 6 best Golf games for Android

1) Golf Clash

Golf Clash is a real-time multiplayer Golf game by Playdemic. This game was awarded the “Game of the Year” prize twice, once by Mobile Game Awards and then by TIGA awards. Bear in mind that this game has a lot of challenges in it. This game suits well for those with patience and persistence.

2) Golf Rival

Golf Rival is a free multiplayer online Golf game by GR Sports Club. Like Golf Clash, this game has a lot of difficult challenges but it has some amazing graphics. So, you will get bored competing with other Golf enthusiasts from around the world. Play one one one Golf game with any player available online. 

3) WGT Golf

WGT Golf game has been featured on several popular media outlets like NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and FOX Sports. This game is developed with the latest GPS and 3D technology. So, you can pick any resort from Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay and St Andrews. In addition, you can participate in tournaments like Virtual U.S. Open and WGT Virtual Tour Championship. WGT owns the right to use names, logos, and images of these competitions.

4) Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D is a multiplayer online Golf game by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The graphics are real as they can get. The game is very realistic and the golf courses look gorgeous. However, you don’t play against a bot. You have to seek another online player to play with. I recommend this game for those who wish to play Golf games on realistic-looking fields.

5) Flick Golf Extreme

Have a few minutes to kill? Why not spend mastering the hardest Golf game for Android phones. The game may appear difficult initially but with practice, you will know where to aim at so the ball goes into the hole. You don’t need to be a millionaire to play Golf. Just download this game on your phone and begin learning for free.

6) Golf Battle

Golf Battle is another fun game for Golf enthusiasts. The goal is to earn 500 points so you can unlock some hidden powers like watching your opponent’s activities. You learn a lot from watching others play. Also, you don’t have to sit around while the other person is thinking and plotting his/her move. I also like the timer which makes the game thrilling and pulse-pounding.


Most Golf games are slow and boring. But this is only the case when you are new. Once you get a hold of the rules, the game becomes more interesting. Also, playing Golf is a far more sensible thing to do than waste your time watching TV or gossiping.