6 Best Android Apps to Cartoonize Your Face

Ever wondered how bloggers and social media influencers create stunning caricatures of themselves. You will be surprised to learn that, not everyone is an expert in photoshop. Most people are busy and they prefer to create cartoon versions of themselves using photo editing apps on their phones.

6 Best Android Apps to Cartoonize Your Face

Here Are the 6 Best Android Apps to Apps to Cartoonize Your Face

1) Moments Cartoon Caricature

Moments cartoon caricature is developed and maintained by Star Studio. This app not only lets you cartoony yourself but also enhance the picture quality with the photo editor. With this free app for android, you can create a cartoon version of yourself using several avatars and caricature templates. Also, it has a huge selection of hairstyles, glasses, clothing, and face shapes.

2) Photo Comics

Photo Comics is an app by Keyspice. This app is great for comic book lovers. You can create a new comic book with you being the lead character. You can also create GIFs or short videos for Instagram using the comic book sounds, stickers, cartoon characters, and comics-styled pictures offered by the app. Whether you intend to tease your friends or just create outstanding art, this is the app for you.

3) Funny Images Photo Editor

Want something lighthearted and funny? Funny Images Photo Editor has one of the largest and most interesting collections of the photo frame. With this app, you don’t need to worry about image editing or cutting, just select a frame you like and match it with your headshot. The primary purpose of this app is to create a dull and boring montage of photos into an interesting one.

4) Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor 

Cartoon pictures is a caricature creation app by Cute Wallpapers Studio. On installing this app, you will be able to turn a basic headshot into a stunning piece of artwork. You don’t have to do all the work. The app provides art filters, artists, cartoon effects, pictures, sketch styles, and artwork. All you have to do is upload your image, select filter and apply.

5) Pencil Sketch Art

Pencil Sketch Art is an Art & Design app by Ayogames. Turn yourself into a cartoon with this amazing app for your Android phone. The level of imagination and creativity that has gone into creating this app will surprise you. Don’t believe me? Just upload a headshot, select a filter and see what happens.

6) Photo Editor – Cartoon Art Filter

Photo Editor is another art-based certifier created by Per Pixel Software. This app is best for editing both fun and professional-looking photos. Plus, there are plenty of filters to choose from. You can create profile pictures for apps like WhatsApp, Tinder or even Facebook. Moreover, it is one of the highest-rated cartoon creation apps on the Play Store.


These are the best apps I found on the Play Store to cartoonize your face. Not every app in the above-list helps you create a caricature but they offer other fun and exciting features like photo frames and filters. Let me know if the above-mentioned apps helped you create your first cartoon image.