Boost Organic Search Traffic – 5 Sure Shot Ways

Organic search traffic is what all bloggers crave as it is the best way to get traffic to your website. Getting listed in the top 10 on Google search results is every blogger’s dream. And it is understandable because a blogger wants his blog to be read and appreciated. We all are always trying to find ways to boost organic search traffic to our blogs and this has always been considered a very daunting task. To be honest, there are very easy-to-follow techniques that can help you to increase website traffic through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to name a few.

Before getting started with the discussion on how to increase organic traffic, let us quickly discuss what is actually meant by Organic search. When you search Google or any other search engine with keywords to find an article of interest, the search engine will display the search results based on their relevance to the search items. These listings are your organic search results. There are various ways to optimize your website or a web page for search engines, popularly called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In order to increase traffic to a website, you need to have a good SEO strategy in place.

Boost Organic Search Traffic

If your web pages are highly optimized, they will be listed higher in search engine results. The higher the placement of your web pages in the search results, the higher are the chances of getting search engine traffic. And we all know that getting traffic from organic search is always beneficial to generate revenue as well as lowering the bounce rate. After all, a higher search engine ranking goes hand in hand with free traffic!

How to increase website traffic through organic search ?

1) Use a killer title that is optimized for search engines

This is probably the most important factor that can help you to boost organic search traffic. A title should be written is such a way that it summarizes your content. The title is the very first line in the search results that people will notice and it should certainly stand out. Search engines will list the pages based on the relevance of the title with the keyword. You need to make sure that your focus keyword/phrase in included in your post title. This will help you to get traffic to your website and good search engine rankings as well.

2) Meta Description should contain your focus keyword/phrase

Meta description plays a very important role in SEO. A meta description is a small description that you will find below the web page title in search results. This meta description will only be shown if it contains the keywords that are being searched in the search engines. A good meta description can really help you to increase search traffic to your website. Always make it a point to write a proper meta description and include your focus keyword/phrase in it. Look at the example below. A user who is searching for the phrase “android anti aliasing” is far more likely to click the below search result as the title and the meta description both contain the search phrase. One of the healthy SEO techniques is to write a good summary of your post in the meta description so that the user can easily come to know what your blog post is all about. This will surely help you to get more website hits and web traffic

3) Make your content keyword rich

You use a keyword or a keyword phrase to search Google and other search engines. These keywords and phrases are used to populate the search results based on relevance. Always make it a point to use the focus keyword in the title as well as in your content. Make your content keyword-rich. This does not mean that you should stuff your content with keywords only. You need to make sure that your content is not compromised by using excessive keywords. Use keyword-only where it is required. Don’t overdo or underdo it. Make it a point to use the keyword synonyms in your content. This helps a lot in SEO. Also, your focus keyword should be focused on your targeted traffic. This is a good organic SEO practice and will help you to increase website traffic. They say practice makes one perfect – you will get a hang of it as you climb the blogging ladder.

4) Image optimization

This is probably the most important SEO technique to increase organic search traffic. Image optimization plays a very important role to boost organic search traffic and improve search engine ranking. It is recommended to add at least one image to each post. This will increase the visibility of the web page and helps in increasing search traffic. You should always add an Alt tag to the images to increase its search engine visibility. Alt tag also helps you in getting that extra traffic juice from image search engines. Since the image is hosted on your content page, the content gets discovered as well by the readers. A good tip is to use your focus keyword in the image Alt tag to improve search engine ranking and to get more traffic to your website.

5) Add subheadings to the content

Adding subheadings, like H2/H3 tags can boost organic search traffic as well. It will not cause a significant improvement, however will only do you good in the search engine rankings. We know that Google likes it. And if Google likes it, then it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t use the H2/H3 tags. So, make it a habit to add H2/H3 tags to the post as well, preferably the H2 tag. And remember, add the H2 tags which include the focus keyword or phrases. This will not only make your post-user-friendly but also improve the search engine optimization

A few bonus tips to boost organic search traffic

  • Try to place the focus keyword/phrase in the first paragraph of the content. Search engines love this.
  • Add few outbound links as well. If you have referred a website or blog, do mention them in your post.
  • Make sure that the keyword/phrase appears in the web page URL.
  • Try to fit in the page title within the optimum limit of 75 characters else the complete title won’t be visible in the search results.
  • Don’t make the meta description too long. 160 characters or less will be great.

That’s pretty much for now. I am sure if you follow the tips that we discussed, you will definitely be able to get traffic to your website from search engines. This will also help your web pages to rank higher in the search engine results.

Do remember one thing – you write for your readers and they are the ones who will read your blog posts. So, focus on what you write as you should be aware that ‘content in the real king’. If you post quality content, your efforts will definitely be recognized 🙂

I will be waiting for your feedback! Do let me know if you were able to increase traffic to your website/blog in the comment section below. Happy Blogging!