5 Cool Fitness Gadgets to Have in 2016

I am sure every one of us welcomed 2016 with great pomp and show. With the new year, comes the tradition of resolutions. And losing weight is something that most of us swear to achieve. For this reason, today we bring you 5 cool fitness gadgets of 2016 that will help you in keeping your new year resolution!

Cool Fitness Gadgets

1. AmpStrip

Heart rate monitors come in various shapes and sizes. But you would not have seen anything more flexible and miniature than AmpStrip. This device can be paired with your Smartphone and provides you with real-time heart rate monitoring.

You can use this device to slow down or bump up your workout regime easily. The device will be priced at $150 and will be available later this year.

2. Garmin Vivofit 2

If you are a fitness freak, you must have surely heard about the Garmin fitness tracker. Vivofit 2 is the upgraded version of its predecessor and boasts of additional features.

Apart from tracking your movements, the device will now notify you audibly when you have been sitting idle or not doing any physical activity for a length of time. The device is claimed to last a full year on a single charge. Garmin has also introduced the backlight feature to help you see in the dark. The device is priced at $129 and comes in various colors and style options.

3. Moov Now

If you are into outdoor activities, then you should try out a fitness tracker for cycling. Moov Now is a fitness tracker that can be strapped on your ankles. It has a 9-axis motion sensor that records the number of turns the wheels have taken. This helps in determining the accurate distance that you have covered.

It also comes with fitness plans to help encourage and improve your fitness. The device is available at $79.99.

4. Zensorium Being

This is a smartwatch that tracks your heart rate, step and sleep patterns. What makes it unique is the fact that it also tracks your mood throughout the day. Based on your mood, the smartwatch will display ‘excited’, ‘distressed’, ‘calm’ or ‘normal’ which is tracked alongside your fitness data. You can use this information to compare what might be causing your mood swings and take action to correct it.

5. Gymwatch

If you are a gym-going person, this gadget is meant for you. This device nicely pairs up with your iPad and has tons of preloaded workouts and exercise routines. You just need to attach the device to the back of your leg or arm and it will capture your movements and offer suggestions on how to improve it along with providing feedback. There are built-in exercise videos available as well that you can watch and execute.

This was our roundup of the 5 Cool Fitness Gadgets that you must have in 2016. If you have anything else to add to this list, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.