5 Best Free VPN For Windows Users

Do you use free public wifi? Want to shield your internet browsing activity from prying eyes?

Before you dive into various free VPN for your Windows PC, it would be good to know how a VPN works. And why do you need it? A VPN(Virtual private network) is software that creates a secret tunnel between your computer and the destination computer. You can also refer to your computer as an “individual network” with plenty of devices connected to it(each having a secure line). You need VPN software to protect your browsing activity from an attacker or visit a site block by the government.

5 Best Free VPN For Windows Users

Here are the 5 best free VPN for Windows users

1. SecurityKiss VPN

SecurityKISS provides free security solutions to keep your incoming and outgoing connection secure. You can protect your privacy by installing their product SecurityKiss Tunnel on your PC, phone, or tablet computer. SecurityKiss Tunnel will redirect the requests from your browser to their secured gateway via a tunnel. This way your communications like web browsing, emails, instant messages, VoIP, social networking get encrypted.

2. Neorouter Free VPN

Neorouter VPN is a Toronto-based firm that offers remote access and virtual network solutions. This zero-configuration VPN connects your computer with a virtual LAN and provides a networking platform for functions like Remote desktop connection, voice and video chat, etc. Moreover, instead of performing your activities on a third-party server(to give you anonymity), you can also have your server.

3. Opera

Opera does make specialized VPN software. In fact, the ever-so-popular Opera Internet Browser itself consists of an in-build VPN service. Also, there is no data limit, you can use it as much as want. It is truly a free VPN. To get it on your computer, just visit the Opera Website and download the free setup for your Operating System. Next, click on Menu and go to Privacy. Turn on the VPN and select a virtual location. You are good to go!

4. TunnelBear

One of my favorite free VPN services, TunnelBear comes for all device types. Just install the free app from the relevant marketplace, and turn the VPN service on. TunnelBear will keep your data secure without being a hindrance. Like any other VPN, TunnelBear too changes your virtual location so you can visit the sites blocked by the government in your country. However, the free version only lasts until you use 500 MB of data per month.

5. Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN is another free VPN software that encrypts your internet connection so you can browse anonymously. It also protects you from internet scams like phishing and malware. But keep in mind that Betternet’s Chrome extension is not as effective as the desktop application or the mobile app. The extension only changes your proxy settings while the other versions of this software will encrypt your data.

The bottom line

It’s true that good VPN software protects you from cybercriminals like hackers and scammers. But it cannot protect from harmful programs like trojan, key loggers, etc. All it does is create a safe passage between your computer and the destination computer. Anything else you do is completely your responsibility. Your device can get damaged if you download a program like trojan, while still using a VPN.