5 Best Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Android Phone

Do you wish to capture the entire webpage or an offline document as a screenshot?

A scrolling screenshot makes it easy to capture a bunch of information in a single image file. Without a scrolling screenshot app, the user has to take multiple screenshots and arrange them chronologically in a folder. This can be time-consuming and cumbersome. But with a scrolling screenshot app, you can now capture entire information from a webpage with a single click. No need to create separate files.

5 Best Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Android Phone

Here are the 5 best apps to take scrolling screenshots on Android Phone

1) Stitchcraft

To use Stitchcraft for scrolling screenshot capture, open just open the app, tap on “Take new screenshot” and switch the app to the one you want to take a screenshot from. Let’s say you want to share with a friend the screenshot of an essay you wrote as an assignment. Switch to the document, keep clicking “save result” until you scrolled till the end of the document. Your scrolling screenshot will be saved at a specified location on your phone.

2) LongShot

LongShot is another productivity app from Leav Jenn. Along with taking a long screenshot of a webpage or a chat conversation. LongShot allows you to stitch several images into a pixel-perfect long image. You don’t have to use “Paint” or any other PC-based photo editing software. To create a long screenshot of multiple images, all you have to is all them in a chronological manner and hit save.

3) Stich It 

Stitch It is a screenshot editing tool for your Android phone by Thirty Seven, Inc. There is a free version available but it has some ads displayed. For personal use, the free version is more than sufficient.

What I like about the “Stitch It” screenshot editor app is it does what it is supposed to do. There are no complicated features or unneeded buttons. The user interface is clean and tidy. There is one caveat though. You need to have images of the same size to create a perfectly long screenshot. Or else, it looks blocky and incoherent.

4) Touchshot

Fast response time and being lightweight are two unique features of the TouchShot app. The app icon can be easily discerned with its distinguished logo–a small hand symbol in yellow background. On opening the app, you see a total of 7 buttons. Some of them include screen capture, screen recording, image editing, image gallery, settings, help, and exit. Besides, I like the easy-to-follow directions the app provides at every step.

5) Web Scroll Capture

Web Scroll Capture is a productivity app by Solutionsmob. You must be aware of the new privacy policies of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. They prohibit you from saving an image from someone else’s profile. With Web Scroll Capture, you save any profile you want. You can also crop and re-edit a long screenshot taken from the Web Scroll Capture app.


Long scrolling screenshots work similarly to infographics. They are in an image format, store plenty of information and most importantly, are shareable. Besides, the apps mentioned above are free of cost and do not have any in-app purchases. So, feel free to download from the link shared in this post or go to the Google Play store to download them individually.