5 Best Android Apps

Android apps are something which completes an Android Smartphone. Trying new apps makes using android smartphone quite interesting. Whereas, in a long run, using the same apps with boring user interface creates boredom. Therefore to make the usage of smartphones more interesting, we have handpicked and made a list of 5 best android apps. Trying new android apps and updating them regularly can optimize your smartphone to a great extent.

5 Best Android Apps


By seeing the name of this android app, you must have considered it as a weather app. And it is true for sure. It is launched by the same brand which coded the most popular and widely used android launcher named as APEX LAUNCHER. The design and user-interface of this weather app are quite simple and smooth. By installing this app, you will get access to check out the weather maps quickly. Moreover, you can also customize and set-up custom weather widgets.


Second, on the list hits the GBOX android app. GBOX is considered to be one of the best android apps for Instagram. While posting photos, you must have faced a problem while uploading full-size photos. This toolkit for Instagram allows you to post your beloved photos in full size. If you use Instagram frequently, then this app is surely for you. Moreover, you can re-post the Instagram posts of your favorite Instagrammers.


Have you got bored with your old background wallpapers? If you are still using the stock wallpapers, then you must have got bored. To make it more interesting, REDPAPERS android app provides some best wallpapers for your android screen. The best thing about this app is the ease to use. Even a non-techy can use it hassle-free. You just have to pull down any reddit and apply the wallpaper to your background. The user-interface of this app is not that much interesting, but it makes your phone look interesting for sure.


Looking at the same stock android setup every day creates a lot of boredom and decreases the interest in using the mobile phone. This results in changing smartphones quite frequently. But don’t worry, to make your boring phone look like new, NOVA LAUNCHER is there. This launcher is basically one of the most popular and best apps for android. It gives you access to customize your android phone to the next level. You can change the look of your apps, taskbar, and menu bar too. Moreover, if you go for the premium one, there is a list of amazing features waiting for you.


Are you confused about how to customize your house so that it looks good? If yes, then HOUZZ may help you in a great way. This android app gives you access to choose your favorite exterior and interior from thousands of pictures. It can also help you to find the best architects near your house so as to create more ease for you.


So this was all about the 5 best android apps which you must try for sure. These all android apps are handpicked and will surely help you in one way or the other. If you are looking for a change in your android smartphone, then trying these apps will be the best choice.