4 Ways in which AI can Impact Everyday Life

AI is the short form for artificial intelligence. It is true that the 21st century is the age of technology when everything has advanced rapidly. This is the reason why artificial intelligence has also become so popular and more and more people each day and opting to use it. But, do not forget that if this progress continues at such a rapid pace, then even our daily life will be affected. Read ahead to know the top ways in which artificial intelligence can have an impact on everyday life.

Ways in which AI can Impact Everyday Life
  1. Automatic transport: There was a time when we used to think of 2050 and think that the world would only have flying cars. But, it is only 2018 and yet such inventions and discoveries have already been underway. Automatic transportation refers to self-driven cars. Tesla made a mind boggling invention and that truly changed the way modes of transport have been viewed till date. It is nothing less than genius that things which needed man to operate, now have the capacity to run on their own. In fact, there is also research going on regarding driver less buses ad trains. That will be path breaking.
  2. Taking over dangerous jobs: This is one of the biggest advantages that mankind can have if AI becomes more implemented and widespread. There are a number of industries where the hazards for humans are too high. This can refer to the smoke that is produced as well as the gases that are used for the production of certain items. In such places, AI can be used. This means that work will be done efficiently and humans will be kept safe too. In fact, another such work is the diffusion of bombs which can be very risky in case the operation fails. However, please note that extensive use of AI can result in large scale unemployment. This is why though there are pros, the cons must always not be neglected at any cost.
  3. Improve elder care: This refers to the robots that can be taken to work at home. You see, it is not possible for someone or the other to be at home all the time. In turn, what happens is that there is always a tension about the elderly or old parents and grandparents who are at home. The moment you have a robot, you can be sure that there is a helping hand who will always be there to look after and help with menial tasks.
  4. Instant information: Siri and Alexa are all under the wide banner of AI. I am sure that by now you know about the two names that I am referring to. While Siri is the product of Apple, Alexa recently hit the markets from Amazon. Both the systems are such that the moment you ask them about certain information, they can follow your verbal instructions and search the internet for answers. In fact, you can also interact with Siri on your iPhone and tell her to set reminders, make calls as well as send messages.