3 Simple Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

The success of your blog depends on the traffic that you can generate, specifically the number of visitors who read your content. Have you ever wondered why some blogs are so popular that they succeed on a widespread level, to the point whereby the author is elevated to an income-earning blogger? Traffic, plain and simple, you either have or you need to create it. Below are the (3) important SEO tips for growing the number of visitors to your blog:

Boost Your Blog Traffic

Tip #1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Move your blog into higher positioning on the search engine results page with carefully selected keywords. To boost your blog traffic, you will need optimized long-tail keywords that match your content and relate to the search engine’s current algorithm. Long-tail keywords bring the right attention to your blog content. When it comes right down to it, no other marketing method can reach targeted visitors like on­page SEO. So, whatever topic your blog is dedicated to, whether it’s fashion, travel, social awareness, fitness, health, and nutrition, or monitoring social media trends; the marketing strategy needs to correlate well with the keywords to boost targeted search visitors. With long-tail SEO, visitors to your blog will increase as high-level organic traffic.

Tip #2: Use Social Media as a Built-­In Marketing Campaign

If you have a personal social media account, that’s great. But, really you should create one specifically dedicated to promoting your blog content. Don’t be afraid of reaching out and finding new readers. If you want to grow beyond posting about your blog in the social media feed, think about purchasing targeted ads to promote your content

Purchasing targeted ads on Facebook is a simple, stress-free marketing method that can easily promote your blog content. Of course, this isn’t just limited to Facebook; social media marketing ads can be purchased on Twitter and Google Plus, as well. Targeted social media ads are an effective marketing technique that is also cost-efficient and user-friendly. And the best part is that targeted ads don’t require advanced technical skills such as HTML coding or web design. They spread the word about your blog by appearing right on the page next to the user’s regularly displayed stream.

Tip #3: Ensure A Steady Stream of Visitors Through Content

Don’t be afraid to write longer blog posts. Longer posts that provide useful information puts your blog at an advantage. It’s also crucial that you provide readers with relatable topics, something that they can take away such as tips, advice or suggestions. Content builds traffic; write and write longer posts more often and watch the number of visitors gradually increase.

All search engines look for specific keywords, long-tail phrases that provide information to searchers in response to their queries. These keywords lead visitors to your blog, but when they drop-in, you have to make them want to hang around. Good quality content can attract new readers. If you can generate fresh content with a high word count (1000­-2000 per post); go for it. When it comes to content, more is actually better. Ensure that visitors keep coming back by creating fresh content on a regular basis. Don’t let your content become stale, invalid or outdated.