3 Reasons to Use a Cell Phone Holder in Your Car

You just can’t live without your Smartphone, isn’t it? Technology has become such an important part of our lives now that it is difficult to stay away from it. And our Smartphone offer us the platform to stay connected all the time – even while you are driving!

Now, we all know that it is against the law to use a cell phone while driving, but sometimes situations get the better of you. What if you need to reach your office urgently and attend a business call at the same time? You can’t just pull over, neither can you take the call while driving. What do you do?

Reasons to Use a Cell Phone Holder

That is when a cell phone holder comes to the rescue. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in a cell phone mount for your car.

1) Distraction free driving

Almost 90% of road accidents happen because of distraction. Most of the times the cause of distraction is one’s cell phone. It takes immense concentration for multitasking and one small mistake can be deadly. If you are holding your phone while driving, you can’t focus all your attention on the road and mistakes are bound to happen. Using a cell phone holder can solve this problem. Just place the phone on the mount and enjoy a distraction-free drive. You no longer have to hold the phone in one hand, while the other hand maneuvers the steering wheel.

2) GPS for navigation

We all know the importance of GPS for navigation. You can easily reach places that you don’t know the directions to. But how difficult is it to keep picking up your phone and looking at the directions while driving? A cell phone holder makes your job easier. Just switch on the GPS, set the co-ordinates, mount the device and you are good to go. You can easily look at the screen for directions in a hassle free manner.

3) Hands free music

If you enjoy playing music while driving, you should definitely invest in a cell phone holder for your vehicle. You can mount the phone, pair it up with the car’s Bluetooth and play music from the buttons on the steering wheel. Even if you don’t have Bluetooth, you can easily play/switch between songs with a few touches and minimum distraction so that all your attention is focused entirely on the road ahead.

What type of phone/GPS holder should you buy?

The most important thing to consider is compatibility. You might not use the same phone/GPS device forever but you will certainly use your car for quite some time. So, it is a good idea to invest in a universal phone/GPS holder.

A universal phone/GPS holder is compatible with all mobile/GPS devices. One such phone/GPS holder is brought to you by Sentinel -Tech that can be used with a multitude of devices and can be mounted on different vehicles.

They have introduced an all-new suction cup design that offers a very strong and safe hold. You can mount this holder anywhere in the vehicle thanks to its superior hold. The best thing about this holder is that it does not leave any sticky residue behind contrary to other holders that can damage your vehicle.

The phone/GPS holder comes assembled and can be used immediately. You just need to put the suction cup on the desired surface, press down, and pull the lever to lock it in its place. Once it is locked, you can adjust arms as per the dimensions of your phone or GPS device.