10 Mistakes Bloggers Make in Their First Year

Blogging has become is a way to earn decent money and share information. many bloggers start without being aware of the pitfalls that may lie in their way to success. By avoiding these mistakes, you can cut short your learning curve and achieve success faster than anyone else.

Here are 10 mistakes bloggers make in their first year.

10 Mistakes Bloggers Make in Their First Year

1. Not using your own domain name

Domain names are not that expensive. Some domain registration companies like Namecheap and GoDaddy also allow monthly and quarterly payments. So, there is nothing at risk here.

2. Not choosing a strong niche

Not choosing a strong niche is another mistake newbie bloggers make. They choose a generic domain name and write content about everything under the sun. Search engines today love websites based on specific niches.

3. Not being consistent

Consistency is an essential factor if you want to become a successful blogger. New bloggers don’t take blogging seriously and write content whenever they feel like. Only writing on days you feel like may suit you but not the search engines.

4. Writing for yourself and not your audience

Newbie bloggers make the common mistake of not understanding their target audience. Other people don’t care about your life as much as you do. So, create a readers persona and try to write for them.

5. Procrastinating

Trying to attain perfection is the biggest mistake bloggers make in their early days. They keep on editing their content to make it better. Updating content is a good thing but only after it’s been read by at least a thousand people.

6. Not using catchy headlines

Some experienced bloggers say that headlines are even more important than the content itself. If you are not able to think of clever and catchy headlines on your own, then use free online tools like seopressor to get a better click-through rate.

7. Becoming obsessed with your blogs stats

It is rare that your blog is going to blow up in the first six months. It takes at least a year to get decent traffic that is worth analyzing. Overanalyzing the blog stats is one mistake that new bloggers frequently make.

8. Poor writing

Search engines and readers are going to judge the quality of your blog based on your writing skills. Along with in-depth research, error-free and plagiarism-free writing are also equally important.

9. Not building an email list

Use marketing platforms like MailChimp to automate your marketing process. There is no reason not to create an email list right from the beginning. You can email with free ebooks, video courses, etc. This will keep your audience interested in your blog.

10. Not providing valuable content

Along with good writing it’s also important to research and provide all the information that can help the reader solve their problem. Not providing valuable and relevant content is the number one reason behind a high bounce rate.


This checklist will make sure you don’t fall off the wagon and engage in something that may not produce enough value. Avoid the above pitfalls and within a year you can earn a comfortable living without the hassle of a 9-to-5 job.