‘You Learn, They Grow’ – An Initiative to Reform IT Education

“You Learn, They Grow” is the new slogan for the New York based tech company, Erudeversity which has announced to contribute towards sponsoring a children’s education in South Asia for every new premium member at their self-paced education platform.

Erudeversity’s following exclusive Kickstarter campaign is offering a life-time premium access to its education library to the contributors of this campaign and for every $10k raised on this campaign will go towards sponsoring a child’s education in South Asia for life-time to bring children out of child labor (in partnership with non-profit trustee, ‘Helping Hands for Deprived Children’s Education’). This Kickstarter campaign is raising $15,000 for this noble cause.

'You Learn, They Grow’ - An Initiative to Reform IT Education

This means, Erudeversity’s $1,200/year worth of premium membership will be given away for life-time for as little as one-time $100 pledge through this campaign and it will provide access to all current and upcoming courses. Over 30K students have already engaged in interactive learning since the launch, and now this is your opportunity to be part of the team towards changing our education system and lives for good.

Currently, there are over 11 million children in South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, India) who are engaged in child labor according to the 2013 statistics from U.S department of child labor and they need our help to get the platform for reaching their dreams. Even a small contribution will make you a co-sponsor of a child who could never afford to attend school before and you will keep receiving monthly school updates of that specific child until he/she graduates for up to 10 years. Won’t you help these kids go to school and reach their dreams?

Erudeversity is the one-stop  learning platform that delivers hands-on and project-based IT training (Graphics, Web, Programming, Animation, QA, Entrepreneurship, etc) for all, including a current library of 1000+ IT tutorial videos in 4 most spoken languages (English, Spanish, Hindi & Bengali).

With this one-time contribution, you are not only investing towards life-time IT education for yourself, but also securing a child’s education for life-time so that we can grow together. Please come forward and contribute or share as much as you can to be able to reform our global education system and make this world a better place to live.

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